27 Jan 2008

The ideal man

Have you found the ideal man? Well that's fabfantastic for you if you have. For those of you who that haven't, you need Uncle Loquacious in your life.
The latest letter written into Uncle Loquacious is eerily similar to something I would write, not that it is me! Who said that?

Check it out here by clicking this link Uncle Loquacious Go and Check it out now!!!
Uncle Loquacious is always looking out for new letters, do you have a relationship dilemma that only he could sort out?

Uncle Loquacious has rippled out across the net and caught a big fish!


  1. Are you sure that wasn't your letter?

  2. What on earth makes you say that?

    I am shocked!


  3. Are you uncle Loq-what ever?

  4. I am most certainly am Not Uncle Loquacious.
    But you seem like the type of fellow that need his help :)

  5. You needn't have asked Uncle Loquacious about this one, I probably could have answered it for you!

  6. Linda it wasn't me, how silly of you!

  7. I am available now that I am not longer participatory at Snob Catalog.

    Apparently, I was banned for promulgating my esoteric cogitations, and articulating my superficial sentimentalities and amicable, philosophical or psychological observations, even though I knew to beware of platitudinous ponderosity. Next time, I will let my conversational communications possess a clarified conciseness, a compacted comprehensibleness, coalescent consistency, and a concatenated cogency. I vow to eschew all conglomerations of flatulent garrulity, jejune babblement, and asinine affectations.

    So if you will have me, I will teach you these and other big words!!

  8. Hey... this is in no way a real comment, but I had to let you know I tagged you.

    (Going back to bed now.)

  9. Wow! That Uncle Loquacious gives great advice. And that letter to him was brilliant, regardless of who wrote it. Obviously a very intelligent woman.

    I can only hope that Anonymous and Lord Likely will be very happy together.

  10. Uncle Loquacious gives very good advice, I must say.

    I always suspected I was perfect, and now I know it for sure.

  11. I think Uncle Loquacious and Lord Likely have something going on!

    They seem to rub each other up the right way :)

  12. Oh and anonymousinkhorn aka chelle, there is no chance for me and you!