26 Jan 2008

Old Fashioned

Click the image to read the writing

It seems very old fashioned to have to scan your photos to get them onto the computer, but I am very glad you can. Well except for those god awful photos that people keep tagging my name on over at facebook. I will have my revenge though when i dig out my incriminating bad teenage photos.

I think writing with the old pen and ink is fast becoming old fashioned, I only use a pen now when I really have to. I have found some of my own old fashion scribblings in the oracle known as my high school leavers book.

Updated: I have scanned in some dreaded teenage pictures for you to gaze at.

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  1. hehehehe

    doodly doodly, love the doodly. (i think photo of writing and then scanning that makes for a more interesting images, actually)

  2. High school leavers book?
    Didn't y'all have yearbooks???

  3. I am glad you like the doodly doodly ender. They actually mean obscure you have to be there kind of things :)

    Nope no year books at all and no paid for leavers books. We just brought in note books for everyone to sign and doodle :)

  4. Really? No yearbooks? Huh.

    Well, I signed It's A Blog Eat Blog World up for Entrecard. I decided on that instead of the kitty blog for now.
    Come drop your card in my slot.

  5. Very clever choice for the theme!

    Come visit my Old Fashioned photos if you get a chance. :)

  6. Very unique entry you have here, good hunt! Happy weekend!

  7. Very original take on the theme... I agree, the pen and paper is fast becoming an old-fashioned way to communicate!

  8. I love it, this is an excellent post. I am posting late today since I just got of the Carnival Freedom and their first annual Bloggers Cruise, 700 bloggers on board, it was fun, next one from New Orleans in February 09.

  9. I wish I kept my high school leavers book :(

    Great choice for the theme!

    Have a good weekend :)

    My post is up too:

    Drop by sometime :)

  10. Hi!I planned that too!
    I do not have scanner though!

  11. Great take on the theme!

  12. Oy! I totally forgot the Photohunt this week, will have to get on that ASAP. I also have books that I used to write in from high school, god I was awful. LOL

  13. Gee, if you think stuff from 1997 is old then I must be ancient to you!!! Technology makes the stuff I grew up with seem like dinosaur droppings...

  14. that a great entry for this week theme..I never thought of this..;)
    Mine is here take a peak if you have time..;) Happy Photo Hunting!!

  15. I agree, these days it's easier to encode things on the computer rather than write things down.

    I had my yearbook signed by my close friends. It's a great keepsake.