7 Feb 2008

Click on my face

I generally forget that this blog is visited by new people and they haven't read it from day one (where have you been!).
So here is a brief explanation on how to navigate this place, this is also to help the non bloggers that read this blog from work and stuff (waving at you and you!). Yes there are people out there that don't blog and are scared of this interweb stuff.

So for those that haven't been here long enough to see my fantabulous hiking posts, click on my face to see my hiking adventures so far in the glorious United Kingdom. New adventures will be added as and when I do them (or not).
(thats me in my woolly hat)

This button is permanently located on my right sidebar.

The same goes for anyone interested in my counselling homework, every time I do a new post it gets tagged and added.

I guess I need to make some new buttons for 'Cartoon Time' and 'Willy Time'.

I also try to label most of my posts with something hence the rather large word cloud, so if you are bored you can always click on them.


  1. I can't tell you how long I've waited for you to say "click on my face"...
    now I need a cold shower.

  2. Why did I start giggling out of control at "Willy Time"???

  3. I think click on my face has a nice sound to it, like poetry :)

    Heh! :)

    Misty think of it as a song, like the tune for Hammer Time.

    Willy Time!


  4. I have just spent far too long clicking on your beautiful face.

    Now I have finger-ache.

  5. I didn't know that. I will now go and click on your face.

  6. Those photos are beautiful! I guess 'cause I'm not a guy...I didn't find it "odd" to click on your face! LOL

  7. Lord want me to kiss it better?

    Vic, its my fault i didn't make it very clear :)

    Many thanks drowsey, you can click on me anytime :)


    Willy Time and Doodle/cartoon Time buttons are in the pipeline :)