8 Feb 2008

Doodle do!

You should know that I have gone doodle mad, so when there is a competition about doodles, I am there faster than flies on shit (nice imagery eh?).
I hate that I am not brilliant at it, but its still fun! So why not hop over and have a go yourself? If you do and you happen to win, then if your not using entrecard you can give the credits to me.

Never enter a battle of wits unarmed :)

I am facing competition from Chelle and Asara, but quite frankly i think mine is the bestest!!!
Hop over and judge for yourself :)


  1. I can't draw at all. Not even a little bit. My kid makes me draw for him and when his Dad sees them he can't tell the difference between my drawings and the 3year old's! :D

  2. I love your doodles and your blog! Thanks for advertising with A Nice Place In The Sun. Because now I've found another great blog, a doodler, and a counselor all in one. :))

    Great material~


  3. That's what I liked about your blog when I first viewed it, was all those doodle thingys you had in your posts, after that it was Willy...LOL

  4. I entered even though I know I can't compete with your unicorn, LOL!!

  5. Claire number 2, just do a doodle!!!
    Now or else.

    Ann it was a pleasure, i think youe blog is lovely and i will be back.

    Chica, I love both your blogs you are mucho talented and have a cute hubby! does he know about the willy obsession?

    yay Asara, but alas mine is bestest.

  6. Hubby doesn't blog, he games, that's a totally different world, he's not into willy's either..but perhaps he will like your willy, that sounded so wrong..!