10 Feb 2008

A few blisters popped later....

Sedbergh collection

As you can see from the photos, yesterdays hike was indeed worth it! Even the pus filled blister i have just popped, hasn't diminished how beautiful it was yesterday.
I shall start from the beginning of this adventure so you can appreciate the full wonder of it, as i forget that people actually want to know where i have been and not just stare at my awesometriffic photos ( i am rather chuffed with them).
I awoke about 2 minutes before I was getting picked up and had to drag my still asleep/dead body around the house, legs half in pants, half out, whilst brushing my teeth and making coffee. My chums arrive on time, the buggers, so i open the door and use various hand gestures to communicate that i was running late.
Once i finally got my shit together, i dumped my stuff in the car boot and onto Sedbergh we went. Sedbergh is located in North Yorkshire (England) and its not the first time i have been to this particular spot. Every time we, as in Aly, Chris or me, pick a walk its normally a random thing guided by where has the best weather. This walk was a return to conquer a past failure, Sedbergh had defeated us on a previous adventure, due to bloody fog! (Previous attempt). With this in my mind, i wasn't looking forward to this walk at first.
This is the roughly the path we followed The route, sometimes we go slightly off track. It was a ten mile/16.3 km slog , graded moderate (my arse). The ascent was to the dazzling height of 2300 feet / 697 metres.
As yesterday was my first hike of 2008, you could say i was a wee bit out of shape, okay a bloody lot! Aly and Chris both have kept up with fitness like stuff, i on the other hand hibernate for winter. So while the start of the hike was great, i was even happy. The towards the middle bit where we had to ascend up the side of that bloody waterfall, I could of quite happily died. Aly and Chris wanted to kill me because I apparently had a face like a toddler about to throw an almighty wobbler. I hurt so I could feel like that if i wanted, don't get me started.
To combat the pain and well basic unfitness, I took many a photo stop. Taking photo's is a great excuse to stop and get your breath back.
Humour was restored once we reached the top and everything was downhill from there literally.

Funny notes of the day: I fell over twice, both times landing on my arse in mud. The first time was early on in the hike so my pants had dried and Chris fell over whilst laughing at me (Ha!). Unfortunately the second incident happened at the end of the walk and i had to walk through the village of Sedbergh looking like I had crapped myself.

Watch the video to see a wee bit of what it looked like on the way down, it is set to some lovely music.

PS: Willy was there but he will have his own post :)


  1. What a great post!! The pictures are great but the video really helps to make me feel like I was there.

    I am inspired now to go out and get my own blisters and sore muscles. :)

  2. gorgeous shots ... totally worth any blisters.
    loved watching tink bounce along.

    now, if it'll just warm up here a wee bit and my heel to heal up ... maybe i'll find a new park around here to shoot and share. :)

    (i jammed my foot into a tennie friday and the back of the shoe was coming through and now i have next to no skin left on the back of my heel. :( )

  3. Awesome Photos! And a great video to boot!! I hope you arse isn't black & blue from those falls at least it was in some soft mud ;D

  4. Thanks guys the blisters were worth it,although squirting blister juice is not as fun as it sounds :)

    My arse is not black and blue at all, still the same as it ever was :)

    I look forward to seeing some of your hikes!!

    and blisters :)

  5. Ah-- a lovely area! And HOW SORE are YOU today?! I know every time I go hiking, I end up feeling like I aged about 100 years the next day. :)

    Take care of those blisters, Claire.

  6. The photos are amazing!!! Loved them..

  7. Your photos are always so awesome! Sorry I can't leave a longer comment - I've got to go stare at your pictures some more.

  8. I'm having withdrawal symptoms now!

    You've got some great pics ... not a building in sight! What a view!

  9. That's a great post - you would have just had to have left me at the waterfall...

  10. Hi thanks for Chelle letting us see your blog :)

    Wonderful hiking pics.. I do love hiking.

    and the music of your video is soothing :)

  11. I love that. It made me feel like I was hiking with you, but without the sweat and the blisters.

    (In all seriousness-it was nice because it was like we were hiking together)

    If that makes any kind of sense. :)

  12. Hey! I haven't been by in a while and i just wanted to say hello!!!!! Who is this Willie fellow ( i guess i will have to go read more!)

    anyway that hike looks amazzzzing!

  13. By the way, Willie looks like a dildo. Maybe that's why you're so uptight? Not getting some?