12 Feb 2008

What has Willy been up to?

I have been roped into helping out one of my mums friends to make leaflet thing for their group, got loads of college work and general boring stuff. That means not much time left for posts on here.
Willy on the other hand is living the life of Riley, the little bugger. He was very popular in his first guest post over at the offended blogger, in whats Willy thinking caption contest. This led to some rather depraved thoughts, I loved them, I mean Willy Did. Read the depraved entries here What was Willy Thinking?. The winner of that competition was disclosed here Most Depraved.
Now Willy is at it again, so if you want some Willy action hop over and say hello from me in the all new What's Willy Reading? contest.

Willy goes Hiking and Willy meets Beaver is coming to this space soon, maybe even today.


  1. That Willy looks like one happy guy!

  2. I never get tired of hearing stories of Willy.

  3. Who cares? Misty is lying. Anyone would get tired of this blog. Delete it. Oh the humanity! For the love of God put this blog out of its misery!!!