5 Feb 2008

I am working on it..

The update to the counselling confidentiality post is taking far longer than I thought it would take. It is really hard to put into words the importance of confidentiality, the reasons for it and the rare occasions it needs to be broken. It comes across as rather legal and cold, which is of course not what counselling is all about, so i am taking my time on it.

In the meantime a lovely blog bud of mine JD has helped me come up with a way of summing up how important trust and confidentiality is within the counselling relationship. He also emphasised that once that trust is broken it is hard if not impossible to build up again, but that doesn't mean all counselling relationships will be like that.

'You work hard to build a sandcastle, make it solid, even decorate it, then a wave comes and just washes all that hard work away. You can't build the same sandcastle again but you could build another one'.

Hence the cartoon up there. I hope that at least made some sense?


  1. Yeah, it makes very good sense. I understand because I kind of feel that's the way my life has gone. I can let the tide carry me out, too, or stay and keep on building castles.

  2. Yes, it is true that conselling need skill to build up the trust, i wish you all the best.

  3. Of course, it means you want to go to the beach and build a sandcastle and put Willy in the tower and see if crabs come and swim in his moat!
    I don't need to be a Jungian to figure that one out, Freud!

  4. I taggied you!!! :D

    And Mo.. how horrible to wish crabs on Willy! Poor guy has enough problems, what with the snake attack and all! ;)

  5. Love the cartoon - true not just of counselors but also trust and confidentiality among friends and family too.

  6. I am still working on it! Honest well not as much as i should be.

    I have tons of homework to catch up on :)

    Thanks for comments as always!!!


  7. It all makes perfect sense to me my Victorian lady friend !!! Hope to see you soon and have that Sherry