3 Feb 2008

What was Willy Thinking?

Who knew Willy would start to influence the blogworld already! Chelle over at the OffendedBlogger is most probably his number one fan.

She has come up with this cool competition.

I urge you to go over and have a go, there will be a wonderful Mr Willy award for the winner :)


  1. Willy really is taking over the world. He'll be guest blogging on other people's blogs next :D

  2. Good heavens, it seems there is a fresh challenger for the most ubiquitous willy on the internet!

    Will my Golden member stand up to such competition, I wonder?!

  3. t a small world. I too am a friend of Auntie Ruth!

  4. Welcome Willy fans one and all :)

    Willy is available for guest spots if you like :)

    Lord its stiff competition :)

    Edmund! I love Ruth and heres hoping you have a wonderful adventure :)

  5. That "Wonderful Willy" Award sounds a lot like Lord Likely's award.

  6. Leon it is in fact nothing like the Golden Cock of Lord Likely's Illustrious blog.

    That is something I wouldn't hope to compete against.


  7. Hey - I just wanted to stop by and inform you that there is a very, very special award waiting for you at - I think you'll really like it!

  8. Willy's welcome at my blog anytime ;) (Note my spelling dirty minded people)

  9. #1 fan??? :)

    Willy is indeed taking over. May I suggest a marketing campaign or some other sufficient means of increasing global willy awareness?

    Kevin (kdawg68)