13 Mar 2008

I am coming to America!

This is the view from the Beach House Deck!

Aren't you over the ponders a wee bit scared now at the thought of me hitting your shores? Or does it fill you with excitement?
Some people already know about this, as well I am meeting up with them and staying in their house. I was waiting for some of the others to put it up on their blog first.
I will be arriving in September and staying with various blog buddies before a week in Rhode Island with some of my favourite blogging buddies. I am not sure how long I can stay either side the week in Rhode Island, that all depends on the flights. I hope i get to see New York and then stay a few days in Boston, as there are a few people I want to see there.

I will update this post more in the morning as it stupid o clock now and I need to get to bed.

Yawn okay I am somewhat awake now, so I can update this post:

Claire answers some questions she asked herself about the trip.
(come on you know i am a bit mad)

Claire:Who are you traveling with?
Claire:Why me, myself and I, well does willy count? I suppose not as he is not a real person, just a non sex toy.
Claire:Does traveling alone bother you?
Claire:Not at all, although I have wondered if it will increase my chances of getting frisked at the airport? Also what will security think of willy? What happens if I am mistaken for a secret agent, because that could happen, especially if I wear a flasher mac and a false moustache.
Claire:Have you met or even spoke to the people you are staying with?
Claire: Ermmmm no.
Claire:Are you Fucking mad! They may be lunatics!
Claire:Here's hoping! I mean of course they are not lunatics and its America I will be able to buy mace and a tazer!
Claire:Do you even know where Rhode Island is or if it is in fact an island?
Claire:Ermm no, but the pictures look ever so pretty!
Claire:Why are you doing this?
Claire:Did I mention the fact that I am mad? Oh I did, erm its part of my counselling homework? Okay I just want a nice holiday damn it.

There will be more on the trip, as and when I can be arsed.


  1. "Here she comes across the sea...Claire's coming to America na
    na na nanada Today!"

  2. What's Rhode Island?

    Welcome. TV here is really good. And they refill you sodas!

  3. You're all gonna have such a fantastical time and I'm gonna miss it. Ratz.

  4. I grew up in Boston. I recommend visiting. I miss that city a LOT. NYC's great too.

    Rhode Island has nice strip joints.

  5. Oooh exciting! I haven't been for years.

  6. wow that was beautiful singing Roger (thank god i couldn't hear it!)

    I have no idea what Rhode Island is but i am going there, yay i love TV and soda.

    Gracie, ratz indeedy! A big fat ratz ass!

    .45 if only you were about to give me a guided tour, we could zap about all over the place :)
    I love a good strip joint, maybe i can earn some spends whilst I am there.

    Alison you went without me! How very dare you!

  7. Sounds like you're going to have a fine trip, Claire! Matt and I were talking about visiting some of the northeastern states this summer - I hear good things about the food and the landscapes and now I read there's TV and free soda refills? We are there!

  8. I hope so melissa, I just hope I can understand the lingo and do I bring a fanny pack/bumbag?

  9. woo hoo claire! hey did you ever hear of those glasses where you could see through clothes? that is what your picture looks like! ha ha ha

    have fun honey!

    smiles, bee

  10. You are gonna have soooo much fun! We want lots and lots of pics and all the juicy details when you get back. In fact, we will be expecting a whole Claire & Willy Invade America series!

  11. So, if you get near Texas, mi casa es su casa. Of course you will have to sleep on all the afghans piled on the guest bed for Share A Square. We could play the Princess and the Pea.

    Hope your trip is a great one.

  12. Why it sounds like you are heading off on an astonishing adventure of your very own, m'dear!

    Oh, and if you need any help 'being arsed', I am only too happy to oblige!

  13. First off, not to burst anyone's bubble, Rhode Island is, in fact, not an island at all but obviously misnamed by the original settlers who probably secretly hoped it was an island so they wouldn't have to deal with the other people they came over on the Mayflower, or whatever ship it was, with. Suffice it to say that I can drive over from Connecticut without nary crossing a bridge!

    I think it's about time we had another good British invasion over here, it's been too long since The Beatles landed at JFK, so I am most definitely looking forward to your arrival! As for translating, I will do the best I can though I'm sure you'll have me looking at you like you're mad from time to time! Then again, I look at your blog that way quite frequently so it won't be a new look on my part!

    Can't wait till September!

  14. Fantastic! Come away! You remember Rhode Island. That's where Jim Carrey is a state trooper. By the by...I was checking out your advertising and I noticed you were on both me and the Lord at once today. That must be escpecially exciting for you. Have a good time. (Actually, that's an oxymoron, isn't it? You're going to Rhode Island.) But that's just across the Sound from NYC, so with a little effort and a ride on a fairy, you could still get lucky. Ta.

    PS-turn your comment moderation on. A lot of this stuff is pretty boring.

  15. Especially that longwinded chick in Connecticut.

    : )

  16. Damn - you need to come to the West Coast next time! :)

    Hey, Willy might like to read my post's kinda right up his alley....

  17. “we could zap about all over the place”

    heh. Yes, I'm quite the guide.

  18. Good for you! And America is happy to have you (I think)...

    I have to say that Boston is absolutely the best, most coolest, awesomest, spectacular city EVAH and if I could afford to live on Boylston Street and work in the city I would do so in a heartbeat.... well Hubby would have to agree and I don't ever see that happening but I can dream....

    Be sure to bring your camera!

  19. Um....why do you have a 'stash in this drawing?

  20. Bee I have a pair of those glasses, I like to see what folks are packing :)

    Diamante/DD there will be lots of pictures of me and willy, unless I get arrested.

    Shelly if only!!! I would love to sleep on a pile of afghans :)

    Do you mean being a motivational speaker Lord?

    See Linda your use as a top class tour guide is already proving invaluable!

    Relax Max my my my you are a grumpy bugger!

    Olga I loved Frank but he is not for willy, too restrictive! maybe west coast next year :)

    .45 that doesn't surprise me at all.

    Petra thank you for being the official welcomer :) I may need your number in case of a zombie attack in a mall!

    Mags! you obviously didnt read the post! thank god your not one of the people i am staying with! phew!

  21. you always talk to yourself? LOL

    Not sure America is ready for you!!!! :O

    I have an award for you :)

  22. Should I say no I dont? Do I? erm yes I do!

    You Americans are way crazier than me, in fact you make me feel positively sane :)

    I shall hop over shortly for my award! unless its horrid?