14 Mar 2008

My book collection

After filming the view from my window the other day, due to the piss poor weather that has been inflicted on this country at the moment. I was then asked to turn the camera round and show my book collection, as proven by these comments:

"Your book collection, that's what I wanna see MmmHmm."
"They say that book collections reveal our souls :-)
Go on, reveal all ..."
So here is a small sample of my book collection, from slightly intellectual to well books from my childhood. Surely you weren't a child when Harry Potter was published? eh hem moving on.

What do you think of the new comment thing? Is it a pain in the arse, did you even notice the difference?


  1. Commenting is a pain in the arse in general, but I always make an exception for you. :)

    Oh, and nice little library you have there, we should compare book titles sometime!!

  2. Oooo, we can enlarge the picture and see everything---except the dust. Where's the dust?

    You know, I wouldn't have even noticed Harry Potter if you hadn't pointed it out, because the covers look different in the U.S.

    What's my excuse? I have a kid, and I read the first five volumes to him. Still need to read the other two volumes, which both he an my wife did when they first came out. Too much extra weight for the bus though.

  3. Me too with the Harry Potter, I can see some classics there, but need ant eyes to read the spines, plus some tarot. Good stuff so far, comment is fine, a bit better but then I still don't love blogspot at all.

  4. My eyes were immediately drawn to the pig sculpture on the shelf ... but I'm odd that way.

    I much prefer the commenting embedded like this rather than a pop-up.

  5. I can't figure out how to post a comment on this new thing, but I hope to learn very soon.

  6. Offended I am glad you took and take the pain that commenting causes your arse, I would love to compare book titles with you. I have a feeling you have mighty big shelves!

    Mark my books are the only thing I keep dust free, heh. Take the time to read the HP books, oh and did you notice your recommended book on the shelf?

    Alison you would have to spot the tarot cards! There are indeed some classics on my shelves (also crap). I am glad commenting is a bit better!

    Hey Franscud the pig sculpture thing is something my dad made for my mum, she loves pigs so he whittled it out of a piece of wood for her. I acquired it/stole it :)

    .45 I was going to ask what the bloody problem was, you sneak! I feel stupid now, nasty.

  7. the new thing stuck a couple of times before it worked but that might be my computer..

  8. That will teach me to be more specific !

    The Pub Quiz your a smart boozer huh.

  9. Sherlock Holmes?

    Why bother with that charlatan when my astonishing adventures are so freely available, hmm?

    I met Holmes once, you know. He showed me his fiddle-stick.

    The filthy swine.

  10. Robert it is probably this comment thingy, it seems a bit buggy but thanks for giving it a go :)

    trukinpooch heh!
    Of course I am smart boozer, what do you think I go to college for?

  11. I love Sherlock with a passion :)

  12. Every good blogger has a book collection too, I think!
    So, you going to do a post on how you did this comment thingy?

    Thanks for having my Entrecard featured on your blog today!

  13. PS -
    If you get all brain-addled by studying this weekend, stop by Captured By Gravity for some Eye Candy!

  14. Mo I know you must have a massive book collection :) It was a pleasure to feature you today :)

    Did you just shamelessly stick a link to your blog showing a hot male? Good on ya!

  15. Btw, I love Sherlock Holmes too!

  16. Alison I knew you would, you have excellent taste :)

  17. Hello, I got to your blog through Ladybanana. I love looking at people's book collection. Yours is very well organised: All of Harry Potter's books grouped together. They really do add colour to a bookshelf.