9 Mar 2008

I am not nice! Damn It!

Okay so I have serious funny,sick,comedy blogger envy, they get to have all the fun! I hardly offend anyone at all with my counselling homework, photographs and doodles. Even Willy doesn't offend anyone, you just think he is cute!
I am 72% evil, i took a test to prove it! Shit I just took the test again I have decreased in evilness to 68%. Whats happening to me? It only been a month or so since I last took that test and I am nicer by 4%. The way things are going I will be angelic in no time at all. What fun would that be?

You Are 68% Evil

You are very evil. And you're too evil to care.

Those who love you probably also fear you. A lot.

See I am that evil people fear me, I do not like fluffy bunnies, I in fact would and have ate rabbit.

I suppose I should just accept the fact that I am not as evil as I thought I was, I am in fact nice a lot of the time. Although typing the word nice does make me shudder, why is that?

Getting a little bit more serious now for a second, sorry about that. When I started this blog it was just meant to just be for my counselling homework, but as I have said before it has evolved into the thing that it is now.
Lately I have questioned what I should be posting seeing as the time gets closer to when I will be a qualified counsellor. Why question it? Well for me I have realised that its important for people to see that counsellors are real people, with flaws, so that when/if you walk through that door you do not feel intimidated by that person. I of course cant speak for all counsellors, but my motivation is to help people, listen to them and let them know that someone is there for them to talk to.
I will not be a counsellor 24/7 and everyone should be allowed to be daft,cheeky,funny at least once a day. So maybe I will leave the blog as it is, a delightful mixture of random things that exposes the different aspects of my personality, good, bad and mad?

I am not sure where I was going with this post, just lots of thoughts have been buzzing around my noggin.


  1. Was there ever any doubt to how evil you were?

  2. Ya know, your right, this blog can hold it's own, obviously you got people wanting to read you, interact with you, so your doing something good, and I'd be willing to bet that your helping people already. :)

  3. One of the best -and nicest -counselors my kids and I dealt with for several years had a great sense of humor - sometimes soft with it and at other times, particularly when I had my own one-on-one sessions with him, he had a good (healthy) biting sarcastic sense of humor that I really appreciated because frequently, that's how my humor side comes through. A dose of humor hurts nothing - helps more than anything a lot of the time, even with counselors. You go with it, Kid!

  4. You poor deluded fool, we become counsellors because we care about people, haven't you figured that out yet? If we didn't care we'd become psychiatrists and work for the secret police.

    The good news, if you decide you want to work for the secret police, you only need another four years of study to get your doctorate and I'm sure they'd take you in straight away with that kind of evil rating.

  5. I'm 34% evil...but apparently that's not good "A bit of evil lurks in your heart, but you hide it well. In some ways, you are the most dangerous kind of evil."


    You're gonna make a great counsellor and your blog will continue into infinity...wherever that is.

  6. The true test of evilness is how many people think you are a bitch. I think I might end up perfecting that trait, altho that could be a bad thing.

    So be glad you are only 68% evil. That means you have a good heart and there is definitely nothing wrong with that.

  7. hehehe...I didn't need no stinkin' test result to see your magnificent "evilness", I can simply look at your stick figure drawings and your pure "evil genius" shines through. bwahahaha

    p.s. I love your blog. It shows me all the "angles" of Claire....the naughty and the nice. I can tell that you will be a phenominal counsellor...

    that or you will enjoy fava beans and a nice chianti...

  8. Anyone that wishes me eaten by Scallopman couldn't possibly be very nice.

  9. Well, you're still over 50% I'd say you're confirmed evil.

  10. Well I know that you are not nice and highly offensive, I just think your readers are somehow hypnotized by all the false nice things you post in an attempt to subvert their attention while you pick their pockets! :D

  11. Kevin no top and tailing for you now.

    Thanks Chica, that was lovely of you to say. I still havent made my mind up 100% yet :)

    Jeni you always say the best things and are usually spot on.

    Carl can you get me that number? :)

    Drowsey you lied on that test! I know you did! admit it :)
    I hope i will :)

    Petra its hard to let of being a bitch, especially when i like being one so much! How else would i be able to fight off the zombie hoardes! :)

    Diamond you say all the right things! welcome to my blog roll! :)

    .45 you have other useful attributes :)

    Alison ssshhhhh!

    offended! dont give the bloody game away!!!

  12. OMG you ate rabbit, I ate rabbit to Bahahahaha!!

  13. I'm no longer fooled by this whole nice act. It's now clear that she reveals her true self by night, in other corners of the blogosphere.

  14. I love a good bad girl!
    I love eating rabbit{fried is best}
    Near the end of this post you sound a bit unsure of yourself...can you counsel your self? :-}

  15. OK, as long as we are on the topic of counseling, etc. (It was a given you were evil, so I am by-passing that subject! LOL) I have a question:

    As a person with fibromyalgia, I find quite often that I can take people right up to the point of understanding what it is like to have a painful incurable condition, but it is like they hit a brick wall of sorts, and I end up resigned to the fact that they will NEVER understand. Especially the man I have been married to for the last 37 years. I doubt if this is happening just to me. Does everyone have close friends and relatives that they can't get through to?

  16. I am only 50% evil. I like the comment that came with it though: "You are evil, but you haven't yet mastered the dark side.
    Fear not though - you are on your way to world domination."

    I must say that I like your blog just as it is as well. It's you, just as you are, and that's super (super Evil!) :D

  17. :0) I wuv you! And I will love you even when your evil hits the 100% level...especially since you said you would still visit me even if I had to put a bag over my that is true friendship! *sniffle*

  18. Well I got 35% on the Are You Normal test... and that was very disappointing... c'mon I'm not even close to being that normal :)

  19. Roger i knew you were bunny muncher!

    .45 you know you love my comments:)

    hello mr trukindog, I am a very good bad girl or something :) and i am always counselling myself but usually I ignore the good advice.

    Carol, its a difficult question! I absolutely have friends and family like that, let me have a think on it.

    awww Asara I will get your evil levels up soon, look I just stole your WOW stuff :)

    diamante I wuv u too :)

    Dawn I am too scared to take a test like that!!! Lmao :)

  20. Just focus, Claire, and your evilness will come back.
    Rabbit is good. In fact, perhaps I'll whip one up for today's dinner... Got some nice plump ones in the freezer. (Yes, I eat whale too)
    As for councelling: Is there anything worse than trying to talk to a sterile half-human who's got the textbook open in his/her head while you're talking? I think you'll be a good one, Claire, if you allow yourself to be a person too. And: for you own sanity, hang on to your evil streak. You may hear some gruelling stuff in your profession - you gotta live too!

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