8 Mar 2008


“I may have said the same thing before...but my explanation, I am sure, will always be different.”
Oscar Wilde.

This week the theme in is different.

I am trying to do different things with my photographs, I have only had a digital camera for less than a year and still mainly use 'Auto' settings. I have lucked out on having mega cute nephews and cool places to hike.
I start to think I take a nice photograph but then I see the photographs that Thomas takes and I am green with envy. So with that in mind I have started to frame my photo's better and i am now trying to figure out contrasts and things like that. It is not bloody easy and its also rather addictive!

I suppose it would help if i said what I actually did to the photo of my nephew Connor and what it looked like before! so click the read more bit to see unmessed with image.

To be honest I cant really explain what I did to it, I just imported it to adobe lightroom, turned it to grayscale, messed with the brightness, contrasts and some other slidey things, then Voila! Thats how technical I am :)


  1. Well, it looks like it was "bloody easy" in this shot! He's adorable, btw.

  2. It is not bloody easy and its also rather addictive!

    couldnt agree with you more...

  3. Cute! Love the quote, especially.

  4. Very cute. He is adorable. :)

    Happy Hunting.

  5. First, love the quote, how fitting!

    And second, YES! I love to do different things with photos, too. It's so much fun!

    Write From Karen

  6. I think it's a good photo! nice work!

  7. Perfect quote! Very adorable!

  8. I went with different photo effects today, too!

  9. Great shot. He's a handsome fellow. A bit of maniipulation really can enhance a photo

  10. Man, you can sure see the family resemblance...he's adorable!
    And I think you have a knack for taking photos. More. More. :0)

  11. Sweet little fellow... You're doing great with pics, Claire - I just push the button!

  12. A beautiful shot all around!

    Have a great week.

  13. Point and shoot, that is my way.

  14. As much as I appreciate the nice job you did turning the picture black and white, and the high-tech instructions you left me so that I could do the same for one of my own pictures I have taken with my new digital camera (that is always on auto-setting)... all I can really think is:


    He is so damn cute in both of them! :)