6 Mar 2008

More on the mine bulilding.

Well you seem to like the shot of the old mill I posted the other day so I thought I would post some more about it. I don't know what possessed me to write mill, when it is in fact a disused mine building! The area of Trefriw is well known for woolen mills, so that fact must of stuck in my head. So on doing a little bit of research the area has lots of metal mines dotted all over the place and this particular site was probably an old lead mine.
Most of this area is owned by the forestry commission and these buildings are made safe and left to nature.
The photographs of the mine building were taken on hike number two this year, if you want to read more about it Click here. There is a short video and the mine building is in that video at the beginning, not the best quality but better than nowt.

If you look at the photos, you will see the words 'Danger' and 'Keep out' which I obviously ignored when wondering through the place with my camera. I would not recommend anyone else to do that, as you never know when you could slip to your doom down a mine shaft.


  1. Oh, I so would have been right there with you ignoring the danger signs. I love exploring old buildings and places. These photos are great by the way. What great hikes you must get to go on! Keep these photos coming...I enjoy them all.

  2. I agree, you couldn't have kept me out but it is very dangerous. We have a few abandoned mining communities in this area some are small towns that are just ghost towns. We love to explore them.

  3. I did notice, and I would have been in the safe part going 'ha ha' at your expense, cos I'm nice like that!

  4. Be careful would you, what would your Willy do if ya fell down a mine shaft! Awesome photos Claire, I like the old stone work masonry.

  5. Sweet. I love stone structures. Great pics. Cheers!!

  6. who could not take a look at history.