7 Mar 2008

Does the library have an affect on you?

Friday is now library day for me, as its the only way to guarantee I do any proper work for my counselling diploma. I go with my study buddy a fellow Victorian lady, that's a joke but no one will get it apart from her. Also I don't think anyone else would find it funny.
The library is actually a rather nice place and they make gorgeous cheese and tomato toasties, the paninis are not quite up to par. Not that I go for the food, its all about the study!
As well as being able to get some work done, for me thats been a lot of reading as I have a presentation to do on Body Dysmorphic Disorder on Monday. I also have the urge to be naughty in the library and normally giggle to myself about daft things. Today some people where probably snickering at me because at one point I nodded off. I don't think it was for long and I didn't drool, so not too bad. I love people watching and probably spend to long peering over my books at other people, not that I am nosy or anything.

When was the last time you were in the library and what affect does it have on you?


  1. I tell you what Claire, you are becoming quite the artist. Your rendition of "Z time at the Library" is quite lovely. hehe

    I have to admit...I'm like you. With a friend at the library, I get the giggles. Something about having to be quiet translates to unstoppable giggles...same thing happened to me in Church when I was younger. If alone, I start reading and soon feel like I've taken a sleeping pill. Why is that?

  2. Last time I went to the library was when I was in University. I would go there because it helped me focus when I had work to do...and essay to write or research to do...

    But...there were those times when I was so exhausted and the quiet so inviting...that I did find my self taking a quick power nap!

  3. You have the urge to be 'naughty in the library', you say?

    As long as you are quiet whilst doing so, m'dear!

  4. There's a library around the corner from me, which is convenient, so I go there all the time. I may be banned now after trouncing the librarian at a buffet, though.

    I haven't gotten naughty in one since College. I had keys to a soundproof booth in there for my audio production class. It had a lot of padding.

  5. I've never studied in a library, something about all those books around makes me feel stupid(er).

  6. Aww diamond it is indeed lovely, i think brain exhaustion causes it or being away from the computer?

    Drowsey I have to go back tomorrow lets hope i can fight off the urge to sleep!

    LL of course i am quiet, although its a Victorian place so it reminds me of you :)

    .45 does trouncing mean something else in the USA? Now why isn't there anyone fun when i am at the library!

    Mani you should try it :)