4 Mar 2008

The Thrill of my life so far!

I am failing miserably at keeping up with my counselling posts on here, bloody real life getting in the way. I will finish that confidentiality post this week, as we have covered suicide protocols tonight and that does somewhat impact on the issue of confidentiality in counselling sessions. It was not an easy subject to talk about, but unfortunately necessary. I may cover suicide as an issue when I feel more confident in my abilities to cover it in an appropriate manner.

In the meantime I am working on childhood memories for my 'Who Am I' project, which is a large part of the counselling diploma, its about knowing yourself from the inside out. So obviously you have to look back at your childhood. That means I have been trawling through all my old certificates, cards, badges, school reports, notes and craft stuff that I made for the folks. Nestled in between was a newspaper article declaring a ' Thrill of a lifetime!'.

Click image to enlarge and read the article

Now after reading the article do you really think that it was like that for me?

Hopefully by now you have read the article? What do you mean no, read it!

Since embarking on this counselling diploma, we have been encouraged to look back at childhood memories. To see if what you remember is what really happened or do you remember things happening in a totally different way than everybody else?
What I remember the most about this particular day was the weather, it was horrible, it rained and rained. Not only that but we weren't allowed to wear our plastic macs, as that would of covered up our bloody lovely uniforms (brown sacks). It was also very boring stood there on parade waiting for Princess Di to walk past, I vaguely remember seeing the back of her head. I definitely remember the feelings of been very underwhelmed, while some were really excited. I was a funny little child and as Carl in the comments pointed out, it was more of a big deal to the leaders.
Stood in the rain provided no big thrill for me that day, but something did! I have no way of really knowing if the following story really happened as I remember, but you shall see how early my unique sense of humour emerged.
Once Princess Di had finally opened the Chimpanzee house, we were then allowed in to gaze at the chimps, along with all the other hundreds of visitors. I love monkeys and apes so I was excited to get right up to the glass panel and see some monkey business. Was that the thrill? well I loved that bit but no.
It turns out that some people have no idea how to behave in the zoo and surely grown ups know not to bang on the glass? Well I remember one guy, who was right up at the glass panel, I think he was a granddad? He repeatedly banged on the glass to get the chimps attention to entertain the child. You have to remember that this was the first day the poor chimps had been put in front of so many people, so the following incident was not this chimps fault.
Are you excited now? Well back to fella banging on the glass panel. His attempts to attract the attention of any chimp was proving futile, until BAM!!!!! A huge chimp just hurled itself across the little moat and straight at the glass panel. The silly man clutched his chest and fell over backwards in horror! Some people screamed, while little me laughed my head off and from then on loved chimpanzees that bit more.
I don't remember much about adopting a owl, getting enrolled or even Princess Di, but I do remember the horrid weather and that chimpanzee incident. I wonder if my sister Jemma remembers any of this? Probably not as she is rubbish at remembering things. I wasn't in the brownies for much longer after that, I hated it.

The answer to which one is me is found here :)

I have highlighted me and my lovely older sister Jemma, who I think some of you picked as me.


  1. Thrill of a lifetime lol! Your the second from the right, just guessing :D

  2. I hope you're not the stork on the bottom left-hand corner of the page.

  3. Wow, you adopted a chimp. Did ya go back to meet the animals? Was it a big thrill being there, or do you think looking back it was more of a thrill for brown owl and tawny owl?

  4. You are the cutest one, with the dirty little mouth...of course! ;)

  5. I'm guessing # 3 from right, front row, looking over-thrilled...
    How's the owl doing?
    Oh, and I'll never stop being amazed at the dress code over there... Wooly hats and bare, blue knees...

  6. re you the one with the knee socks or the one with the goofy hat? I guess that doesn't narrow it down...

    As far as the little ad, I've Googled to find out what a pram is but what's a cat net?? Is there a cat-attack risk when taking babies out in the UK??

  7. Well, seeing as the old guy was doing a Mr. Dursley sort of behaviour there at the zoo, I think he deserved being monkeyed around with a bit. I don't blame you for laughing yourself silly.

    At least you look happy in the photo. If a bit soggy. :)

  8. Ha, I had you picked out right away, although for a moment I did think you were your sister.

    Very interesting article. I love going back and thinking of my interpretations of memories from days of yore.

    Say, if you ever do the suicide post, I'll have some thoughts to share as unfortunately I've lost two close family members in the last 5 years to that.

    Didn't mean to damper the discussion, let's instead think of chimps hurling themselves at the elderly. :)

  9. I can so see this poor man falling down while you are laughing uncontrollably...and I'd probably do the same.

    Enjoy your day!

  10. Great story and interesting exploration. I like your blog :)

  11. Sweet! you still had what is left from childhood :) and it's on newspaper.. mine was long gone, washed away by floods..

    I'm guessing by reading your posts, you must be an ultimate nature lover..


  12. Now that is funny! You have made me think of a few things from my childhood that were *supposed* to be the thrill of a lifetime but really weren't that thrilling.

    Lovely story and you were an adorable child, what happened?! *snickers*

  13. Ah old newspaper clippings, hang that one on your wall! I was in the paper once, for reading too many books and gaining too many points in my 5th grade class.. um yeah not so fantastic, but eh I had my 15 minutes. :)

  14. That can't be you, the ears aren't big enough...

  15. Haha! I got it right oh big kneed one :D

  16. I was right! :) I don't have proof, but I guessed that was you. I was in Girl Scouts when I was little.. I actually graduated to Cadets, but stopped going to meetings at that point. I don't think there was a Cadet troop within miles of where I lived anyway. And don't feel bad, I think that's the only part of the trip I would have vividly remembered too.. stuff like that cracks me up!!

  17. I saw a tiger do that once. Everyone ran from the exhibit screaming. I though it would be pretty cool to be eaten by a tiger. Then those kids here got eaten by the tiger and it wasn't really very cool at all.

  18. I love karma...that old man deserved it! And I would have laughed too. I'm sorry I couldn't pick you out - but my eyesight is really bad. I do think it's interesting how different our memories are compared to others that shared the same moment in time.

  19. For those that dont know you click the read more bit to see which unfortunate brownie was me :)

    I am glad you liked this post it was fun digging up old memories and I have found quite a few more for future posts :)

    I am still adorable by the way :)

  20. Interesting bit --

    When our kids were little, and we were doing something as a family, my wife used to say that we were 'making memories.' This was usually mentioned as a precaution, or even a scold, when I'd lose my temper in traffic, or because the noise level reached a certain decibel level and I could no longer drive -- and it's really interesting, now that they're older, to hear them reminisce: They hardly ever agree on anything -- who was there, what we were doing, what exactly happened.

    We were making memories... very individual sets of them.

  21. Hi Claire! Well I definitely side with the ape, I am giggling thinking about that stupid bloke and how he must have soiled his trousers, shame on him :D

    Memories are weird, looking at old photo albums from when I was a tiddler you'd think I was a total misery guts all the time, I usually had the sourest expression on my face as I HATED having my photo taken, no matter how happy the event.

  22. I can hardly read anything. The computer I'm borrowing today has a blurry screen with a teeny font. I can't fix it.

    I met Queen Elizabeth when she was here in Scarborough to open the new Scarborough Civic Centre. That must have been nearly 40 years ago now. (Now I feel really old). I only remember my Dad and I packing up in the car for the big event. I wore my favourite fluffy pink sweater. I'm sure I wore more than that but the sweater is all I remember. I do have a fancy commemorative coin. I think it's still in my jewelry box with all the other stuff I never wear. Nice to have been there, part of a piece of local history.