2 Mar 2008

When kids go bad!

I am still doing the great tidy today, exploding the stuff just didn't do the trick, why oh why have I accumulated so much crap. It is also Mothers day so have to extra nice to the mum, I may even let her out of the cupboard.

So while I am doing this, watch the latest video from my nephew Connor, this time he has gotten hold of a bottle of Absinthe (Oh Noes).

Imagine a whole load of 5 year olds high on absinthe! How many could you take on? I managed to take on 21 of the little monsters.


  1. OMG, he is too cute...but I'm not so sure you're a great influence on him Auntie Claire! *LOL*

  2. Is it really mother's day?

    POOP! I don't keep up with that crap but I'll hear about it from Mommy Dearest since we didn't get her any cards. :-(

  3. Thats shocking I didn't start drinking till I was 6. ;D

  4. Rofl, thanks for making my bias on brits being like the shameless family come true ;)

    Love the song! hehe

  5. Hmm I scored 22. So what's your martial art then?

  6. Oh you're such a Bad Ass! Picking on little 5 year olds like that! Come get your award on my blog! ;)

  7. Do the 5 year olds have sticky fingers? And are they hyped on sugar?
    These details make a difference in how many I could take in a fight...

  8. While 5 year olds are small enough to bite ankles, I can still defeat a whopping 37 of them in a mortal battle to the death!!