17 Mar 2008

Today I will mostly be....

Today I will be mostly Drinking Guinness! I only drank one pint on Saturday, so need to catch up today and celebrate St Patricks Day properly.
I have not drank non stop since saturday, I am far too old for that now. I just needed to recover sufficiently enough to start all over again today. So my rather nice friend gave me the keys to her house so I could chill out and be away from the computer. Which is a good thing because I probably would of attempted some drunk blogging.
I have cleverly photo shopped the last drunk image of me and turned it into a demonic leprechaun version, note heavy sarcasm on cleverly.

Happy St Patricks Day
I shall have a Drink for you all!

PS. While I am out getting palatic see if you can spot a Claire and Willy reference in this post by Lord Likely Hard Times.


  1. Happy St Paddy's Day! Love the photo, that's too cute,lol

  2. Have a great St Pattys! Are you wearing green???? Uh oh here comes the CYBER pinch!

    Loving your drinks!

    Come by and have some green beer at me pub!

  3. Happy St. Patrick's Day. Erin Go Braugh, Slainte, and Cheers!!

  4. Slainte, Claire! I had a Guinness yesterday myself. Well, two Guinness. Guinnii, really. Because they come in pairs. (Didn't you know that?) Your one Guinness is lonely. It is longing to become Guinnii... :)

  5. where the bloody hell are your linkys red? am i blinded by all the green? ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  6. I'll have 2 BIG cups of Guinnesseseses please!

    I spotted you & Willy hanging out over at Lord Likely's!...& you were afraid of Frank corrupting little Willy? Watch out! But, at least LL will do it with MUCH more flair than that filthy jock strap! :)

  7. well aren't you the cutest leprechaun lass to ever grace the blogosphere?

  8. Would you believe I passed a group of students at 930 this morning wrapped in Irish flags and drinking Carling?

    I mean, drinking Carling....

  9. I'm glad you took some time to recover from your 1 pint on Saturday. Don't overdo it today and try to drink 2.

  10. Carling? I'd rather drink my own...oh, same thing. Hope you're not too fragile later ;)

  11. Hope you had fun and weren't too crazy, my friend! :)

  12. I'm glad you're going to drink for me cuz I can't...You make a really cute little elf!

  13. a little drunk blogging is a good thing...:)))))

  14. I'm late but happy Saint Pat's day Sweets, I love your little pic. Can I lick the froth off your head?

  15. You really seams to know by heart how to celebrate and I do hope it was a good, memorable one!
    A perfect and to the point (or should I say paint) picture - so cute ;-)

    Thanks for the visit and comment on mine. You are listed on my collection of St. Patrick's posts of course!

  16. Thanks for commenting, I had a great St Patricks and drank considerably more than one guinness, even drank some guinness red. Not quite sure what was different about it, apart from being a bit red.

    Carling is piss! blech!

    I am not sure how many folks spotted me and willy over at the Lords, I think it was just Olga. Shame on the lot of you.

    Drunk blogging is bad! I slept most of yesterday.

    and strange how you asked to lick the foam off my head, quite a few people asked me to do the same.

    Happy St Patricks Day 2008