6 Apr 2008

Another sunny spring like photo

Welcome to my new photo blog! Okay only joking. I am a poking fun at myself for my lack of writing and steady increase in posting pictures instead of words.
This is basically because the words are going onto paper for my counselling homework and my brain is feeling somewhat frazzled.
The last two photos that I have posted were taken on my first hike this year in a place called Sedbergh, which you can read about by clicking this link.

Oh and what do you think of the button links above the posts?


  1. @ Deb, cheers :)

    @ akelamalu, I am glad you like them :)

  2. I'm liking the new buttons! I need you to make some for me now :)

  3. Love the pics. darlin and the button are cool.

  4. I love the button links! And the photo! :)

  5. awesome photo Claire! And whats wrong with photo blogs lol! Cool buttons to!! :D

  6. I can't seem to find the "Hammer Time" button.

  7. Well that explains it! I thought perhaps you had been invited to supper with some questionable folk (if ya know what I mean.)

    Anyhoo - totally love the pic links. Very cool indeed!

  8. @ Alison send me a picture and I will make you a button :)

    @Trukindog, why thank you sugar :)

    @Drowsey, thank you for commenting I know you must be absolutely knackered, heh.

    @Roger, nothing is wrong with photoblogs at all! I am just meant to be a wee bit more wordy :)

    @.45, maybe hammered time, not hammer time so much. I bet you would look good in those pants though! In velvet!

    @Petra, I have absofookinlutely no idea watcha talking about :)
    The buttons are nowhere near as cool as the monkey :)

  9. Beautiful Claire*

    I'm a Firm Believer in Posting Photos on Blogs* Are U on Flickr??


  10. Beautiful picture :)

  11. I only wear those when I'm breakdancing, or granting wishes.

  12. Yeah, I think that's a great way to organize your stuff...
    And that's another terrific photo. Why do I keep thinking of Sherlock Holmes?

  13. @Billy, thank you and I am already one of your contacts on flickr from ages ago :)

    @Monique, cheers me dears, I hope you have took some nice holiday snaps for me? :)

    @.45, heh! I wish to see you wearing them :)

    @Gracie, aww thanks :) I do love Sherlock Holmes, maybe I am channelling him some how, heh.

  14. I love your little buttons, Claire.

    That almost sounds rude, now I think about it.

    Also, as I was out and about to-day, I found myself having to brave a hailstorm.

    A HAILSTORM, I tell you. What kind of freakish Spring is this?

    I wish it was as beautiful a Spring as your picture depicts, m'dear!

  15. Great buttons!!!!
    And great shot too. My camera is on holiday. Spring will spring here soon too, and it'll come out then I hope...

  16. @Lord Likely, I love your buttons too :)
    and I am bloody sick of these freakish hailstorms!

    Thank you for the photographic compliment :)

    @Stine, Cool give me a shout if you want one and get your bloody camera out! Other Norwegians are,heh.

    @yummy, thank you :)

  17. Gonna need some help with cleanup. Lord Likely just desecrated BritishSpeak. What a mess it is.

  18. @Yummy, I shall be over shortly with a broom.

    Not one of those brooms! heh.

  19. That sun looks like a benevolent marshmallow god.

  20. That sun is so cool!! Great picture.

  21. @Grumpus, I love that description! I could of done with a marshmallow god after that hike :)

    @Tamera, Cheers! I was really happy with these photos especially because it was my first hike this year and the nicest weather :)