5 Apr 2008

Spring is sprung

All that writing and research for my previous post has knackered me right out, so I thought a bit of photo therapy was in order.


  1. @.45 I really needed that too, its like your in my mind! :)

  2. thats only cuz you are posting illicit verbiage on your alter blog... you are a badddd girl....!

  3. It's not the knickers, but it'll do. ;)

  4. @petra Its not my alter blog, I am just trying to help the world understand British Slang better. Its not like I enjoyed writing it, it was very tedious.

    @.45, not quite but nearly.

  5. Gotta start somewhere!

  6. This picture makes me think of picnics and sunflowers.

  7. That's a great photo Claire.

    Can I ask, what's with this comment box? When I've finished commenting I have to click on your banner to get back to the top of your blog? :(

  8. This pic is really beautiful - refreshing after a long, cold winter. It makes me want to run outside and start my day in the sunshine already! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Nice photo !

    Good angle of the inclination of the terrain and the clouds in the background behind.

    Love your hiking photos ! Gives me a different feel and idea of hiking and mountain trails in different parts of the world !

  10. @Travis thanks for hopping over :)

    @.45, if you are inside my mind its more than a start :)

    @ Jillian I am glad it reminded you of nice things and not flashing sirens and or the homeless :)

    @akelamalu, thank you and the comment box doesnt do that for me? Its a bit buggy though because its a hack job.

    @Kimba, Thanks for hopping over :)
    Thats exactly why I posted the picture. I was sick of the gloom although its bloody hail stoning here again! :(

    @jinghui, What a great thing to say, that's why I love sharing my hiking photos :)