9 Apr 2008

Hamburg here I come!

I bet you have forgotten that I am going to Hamburg on Thursday, yep I know you don't pay attention to what I write. Your just here for the photographs, doodles and the odd appearance of willy. You wont even read this bit now, you are already looking at the doodle! buggers.
Well on Thursday morning I shall be jetting off to Hamburg to spend a long weekend with the sister and co. I was going to put that you wont hear from me till late Monday, but that's bollocks. Jemma (the sister) has the internet so no doubt I will be blogging a wee bit from there.
Not sure what I will be doing whilst I am there, I have heard there are a few interesting museums that are worth a look at. There is one in particular but I cant for the life of me remember what it is called, hmmmm no clue.

hamburg trip


  1. Do have a wonderful time in Hamburg, m'dear!

    And do be wary of those Sex Museums. Especially if someone asks you if you'd like a nibble on a Hamburger.

  2. I love your doodles, lol... and just FYI, I always read your post after I stare at the pictures, doodles and willy.



  3. How can I not jump to the doodle of sex-hair Claire coming out of the museum with a zapped heart? I had to zoom, because first I was curious what you purchased in the gift shop.

  4. Enjoy your trip, Claire!
    Don't listen to Lord Likely - you've worked so hard, you deserve a nibble on a Hamburger.

  5. Hamburg ist Schoen, gutes urlaub!

  6. Missed that one when I was there. Mind you the only reason I was there was because I missed my plane and had to stay the night to get the next one the day after. I recall the Mariott put on a good spread and nice beer.

  7. @Lord Likely, I hope to have a wonderful time and If I get very hungry I may have a nibble :)

    @Monique, I knew people looked at the doodles first! :)
    Hugs right back at you.

    @.45, sex hair! It had rained and my hair reacted to the moisture :)

    @Stine, thank you! and you want some funny stories don't you :)

    @Carl, I think that's Hamburg is good, have a nice holiday? If so, thanks :)

    @thriftcriminal, but why did you miss your plane? I will take some pictures for you :)

  8. I didn't forget! Though I do study your doodles later (if you know what I mean :-0 )

    Btw, Carl said Hamburg is beautiful, have a good holiday, so you're pretty close ;)

    Have a good one if I don't speak to you before you go.

  9. @Alison, good girl :) You study them, wow Lord Likely could of written that :)

    My school German obviously is shit!
    You probably wont even realise I have left the country :)

  10. Ich bin ein HAMBURGER!!!!

    eine Mutter ist Deutsch, aber ich kann immer noch nicht Deutsch sprechen, für die Scheiße. Hamburg ist schön. Nehmen Sie jede Menge Bilder!

    Oh and take pics of Willy too - no reason for him to be left out in the cold!

  11. @Petra, right here is my go at translating this.

    You are a hamburger, your mother is German. Something about speaking German, Hamburg is beautiful. Erm something about a building?

    and I will be taking pictures :)

  12. i'm sure you'll learn loads of interesting stuff there. do share :-)

  13. Oh lucky you! I'm going to Llandudno on the 25th April, nanananana :)

  14. "reacted to the moisture"

    I bet it did.

  15. Aren't crossed legs a no no at a sex museum?

  16. @Marmelade, I am sure I will, whether I share them will be another matter.

    @max da tung, cheers :)

    @Akelamalu, I love Llandudno! I am off to the Lakes that weekend :)

    @thriftcriminal, now that's not fun :(

    @.45, doodle Claire said it was raining :)

    @Olga, I will definitely keep an eye on willy, oh that one you mean! heh.

    @Trukindog, I am a lady and so is doodle me, they are permanently crossed :)

  17. I'm taking you up on Doodle Day. :) Will make a post for the EC blog. Might not get posted till next week with all the kerfuffle about the changes going on. But, it should be fun. I will link to you as the one who had the idea. :)

  18. So... did the girl turn into a hooker AFTERWARDS??

    Have fun!

  19. @Roger Thank you! I hope so :)

    @Laura, That sounds great! It was your idea too.

    @Jillian, Doodle Claire is no Hooker!
    BEFORE or AFTER her little museum trip. Hmmppphh!


  20. LOL.... OH. That's YOU!! Wow, I'm slow... maybe my teachers were right! Forgive me for even associating your doodle with such immoral (although well paying) actions! :-D

  21. Haha - Doodle Claire's a hooker!!

    Hope you have a lovely visit! I'm sure the nephews will be excited!

  22. Hope you have a good time Sweetie! Bring us back some cool pics...maybe even Willy in the sex museum. Hmmmm...what exactly do they show you in a museum like that?

  23. *peeking into the Hamburg sex museum* You there yet, Claire?

  24. Oh, I'd love to visit Germany!

  25. @jillian, you are not getting this at all! Its not me, its doodle Claire. Doodle Claire is slightly immoral,heh! lol :)

    @Kai, doodle Claire is not a hooker! She is just easily led :)

    The nephews have attached themselves to me like human limpets.

    @Diamond, I will try to get some pictures for you and I am not sure what they show you in the museum :)

    @Stine not in there yet! lol :)

    @silverneurotic, well so far so good. You will get a full report when I get back :)

  26. @Jillian, I may change my reasoning though and then you wont get it, I am an awkward bugger :)