11 Apr 2008

Greetings from Hamburg

As predicted I couldn't stay away from the computer too long, although I did manage longer than I thought.
While i am not here vote on the latest adventure that the rather horny Lord Likely is about to embark on: Vote Here!

Also answer this question posed on British Speak: What do you call Candy Floss? click here.

I will be back in sunny/gloomy England tomorrow but then will have to dash to college, so no blog posts till tomorrow evening or Tuesday if I am too tired/can't be arsed.

I have temporarily added my twitter updates to the top of this post, as that might be easier to update.


  1. Well I don't really understand twitter, but I am waving from here :)

  2. Have SEVERAL beers for me!


  3. Hello from Hot Dog!

    Well ... it sounded good anyway!

  4. Enjoy the beer, that's what I'll be doing tonight! :)

  5. Hey Claire...hope you're havin' fun. Drink one for me :)

  6. @Alison its just a program thingie that you can use to update your followers with anything from your latest post to what you are eating for breakfast :)
    By followers I don't mean a cult.
    /waves back :)

    @Jillian, I did :)

    @Linda, erm hello back! :)

    @akelamalu Happy Beer drinking :)

    @Diamond, its been great catching up with my sister and the nephews :)

  7. Glad you got to see the nephews and the sister! can hardly wait for the photos...
    I just read your post on "Horny." Girl, you need to put a warning on these things! Not for being offensive but "Reading the Following May Cause Harm" while laughing one's guts out...

  8. What the hell is this Twitter that everyone keeps harping on about? What's a Likely Lord? What's wrong with German sausage? Who are you? Who am I?!

    Fuck, my head just exploded.

  9. @Gracie, I hope your guts are fine now? and that you really liked the post?


    @qelqoth, I thought you would love to spread yourself all over twitter. You use myspace for fooks sake.

    Please clean up the mess your head made :)