25 Apr 2008

Uh Oh!


I am off today on another adventure which involves something that gets blown up, actually two things that blow up (which will remain a secret for now) AND strange beasts, talking animals and booze!
Just a normal weekend for Claire you wonder? Don't be daft, its a Hen weekend for bride to be Emma, the namesake of Blow Up Emma mentioned here in this post Non rude blow up doll.

I am back on Monday but will be in college that night so photo's and stuff will have to wait till later that night/Tuesday.

I have set up twitter on my phone so keep your eyes glued to my twitter box posted up top!

I will be giving the Blogger in draft scheduled posting a whirl on Saturday to post a clue to what I am up to.WTF is Blogger if draft scheduled posting I hear you wondering, its just auto posts something for you, its very very easy to use! honest.


  1. Uh oh indeed... Poor Emma! Enjoy your weekend, Claire! (Willy looks like he's in for a good one too...)

  2. "two things that blow up, strange beasts, talking animals and booze"

    This is 3 things, and why in the world would you want to blow up booze?

    Poor booze. I'm sure it didn't mean whatever's got you so incensed.

  3. twitter updates via your mobile phone on a hen weekend ... that sounds very foolish!

    I have set up twitter to follow you as I've got my fingers crossed for some hugely indecent 'booze fuelled' tweets

  4. @Stine, she is a foolish girl for asking me to be a bridesmaid :)

    @.45, Smart arse! I have amended post to make it clearer or not.

    @Ploop, Its a fairly quiet hen weekend, so its not that foolish, heh.

    We shall see :)

  5. The "strange beasts" don't blow up? Now I'm afraid for your safety. I hope you're packing heat.

  6. Oh I'm off for the weekend today too - I have tried the blogger draft today (it worked) and for tomorrow (I hope it works again!). Have a great time honey.

  7. Strange beats? How positively juicy.

  8. Sounds like a fun-filled weekend, blow ups and strange beats...hmmm.

    I'm having a special party over on my blog...please join us when you can!!!!

  9. Willy needn't worry. I've spent many a weekend waking up in the exact same situation. Round here, we just call it "The Twelve Pint Fright".

    He'll be alright though. Provided he stocks up on mescaline, rohypnol and a paper bag, he'll get through anything. :)

  10. I've used Blogger In Draft before too. I really like it! :)

    Have fun, my dear.

  11. I have some things I'm going to blow up this weekend as usual too. Namely the neighbors noisy car in the middle of the night, serves 'em right for not repairing the muffler.

    I hope Willy wraps up before he ventures any further with Non rude blow up doll.

  12. Your last Twitter update reveals you were waiting for a train...

    Are you still waiting, m'dear? Whatever happened next? Did you get on the train, only to discover that it was destined for Hogwarts, and are now trapped in a world of magic?

    Whatever the case, there had better be nudity soon.

  13. Sounds like fun....wish I was there!

  14. @.45, I am always packing heat, you did mean my hairdryer and ghd's?

    @akelamalu, hope you had a great time and it looks like my auto posts worked too :)

    @Jillian, are you trying to provoke me?

    @Random chick, wait till you see the pictures. Will head over to you place shortly :)

    @qelqoth, you would definitely cope in Widnes then :) Willy had some stiff competition this weekend.

    @Tisha, its pretty cool aint it, I did have fun and thanks :)

    @static, It sounds like the neighbours are asking for it indeed.

    @Lord Likely, apparently the cottage decided to reside in a blackhole where no signal could penetrate. There are some graphic photos to follow shortly.

    @Olga, you missed out!

  15. "Strange beats? How positively juicy."

    Jillian's expecting strange beats. She thinks you've become a DJ.

    Good thing you're packing ghds. It would be suspicious to have sex hair the whole trip.

  16. @.45, I think Jillian is going to be sadly mistaken.

    The air was very moist, so the ghd's were needed :)

    It rained a lot.

  17. Rain bums me out.

    That's why I love L.A. It only rains for a couple weeks in January, then sunny and warm the rest of the year.


  18. @.45, I dislike you, a lot!

  19. Join the club.

    Don't worry. S.F. sounds like over there. It rained for like 9 mos straight my first year here. I was sooo miserable!

  20. @.45, I don't really dislike you, your so touchy.

    After 26 years you kind of get use to the rain, so you can still have fun :)

  21. no, was just playing along.

    I guess that's what it all comes down to, what you're used to. I didn't mind snow so much when I lived in Boston (it usually meant no school).

    Now I would hate living somewhere that snows, but that's more about the cold than the snow.