24 Apr 2008

Forget Doodle Day, it's now Doodle Week!

Forget Doodle Day! It is now Doodle Week May 8th to the May 14th.

For those who use entrecard read this post over on the entrecard blog written by
Laura aka That Grrl
*Doodle Week*

For those that just want to participate on one day in the great doodle week, then just go doodle mad and doodle what ever you fancy. If you are doodling more than one day and want a theme just let me know, I am more than sure I can inspire you.
I am not going to neglect all you non entrecarders, so I will be making a lovely collage of all the doodles and link to the doodlers that join in. It will be more fun than poking yourself in the eye with a straw I promise. For those that don't join in that wasn't a veiled threat or was it?

Other posts you should read for more information and ideas.
Let's Have a Doodle Day!
What about a doodle day?

Any questions?
Please leave me a comment or email me if you do.


  1. Sorry darlin the only doodlin I do is below the waist and I don't think anybody wants to see that. heh heh

    But I will enjoy seeing all of ya'lls doodle's.

  2. Sure, I'll be DD-Doodling!!!

    Don't let the Llamas bite you...


  3. @Erika, awesometriffic! I know you have some good artistic skills :)

    @trukindog, I am not having that at all! :(

    @Olga, Good Bra but also Bad Bra for not being here this weekend!

  4. I must get going on this doodling!

  5. yes yes.... I'm working on it!

  6. I've stepped on a nail before. Not sure if that would be as much fun as poking your eye with a straw. I'm not volunteering to compare.

  7. @Akelamalu looking forward to your doodles :)

    @Jillian, I am intrigued!

    @Laura, I think that is a wise decision :)

  8. I'm totally doodling (*Points to Doodle Week BC thread*)