17 May 2008

Busy busy busy

Last night I intended a jolly house soiree, in other words one of my friends had a house party and much drink was drunk and I stayed up till way into the am.
After reanimating my corpse this morning, I have made it back home and now I have to begin the preparations for tonight's Hen party.

I will update this post sometime tomorrow, late, way late, way way way late.


  1. and you have a hen party tonight???????????

    Good luck. :(

  2. I'm just glad it's you and not me!

    heh heh heh

    Have fun!

  3. "Reanimating My Corpse" indeed! lol

  4. As long as you're not posting from regretfulmorning, you're doing okay. Have fun with the hens.

  5. Have fun recovering. I had events yesterday tonight and tomorrow. Almost too much.

  6. We are currently serving margaritas at the Dead Rooster Mansion, but it might be quite a drive for you...

  7. love the zombie reference! And there is no better medicine than the hair of the dog! enjoy!

  8. Got me wondering what the heck a hen party is... LOL Have a great time. :)

  9. I sure hope there will be pics. of the hen the way will this be one of those lingerie hen party's ?

  10. Oh to be young again. Can't stay awake after 10:30

  11. @akelamalu, It was actually great although I have sinus flu now :(

    @Tisha, you would love to come and play with me.

    @roshan, if you saw me, you would agree! lol :)

    @.45, that would never happen with me.

    @sogeshirts, Hey you suck! were was your doodle.

    @deadrooster, It was a bit far this time.

    @Petra, I knew you would love the zombie reference :)

    @chica, Hen Party is Bachelorette party I will explain more on my next post.

    @trukindog, there is lots of pics :)

    @vic grace, it has its good and bad points :)