16 May 2008

First flower

First flower

Not posted any photographs for quite a while because of the madness that was doodle week! Don't worry doodles will be back shortly.
I finally figured out after a year how to take photographs of flowers, so here is the best shot of the day.


  1. Pictures like this make the act of drawing a flower seem completely inadequate. Perfect.

  2. aw, very pretty!

  3. I like to take closeup photos of flowers too. Don't tell anyone. Also sunsets and moons. Yes moons. Well, not closeups of moons or sunsets. You know. Take a picture of a sunset for me sometime. You may become addicted. Of course, Francis can probably paint one. It would be abstract though. Probably sort of surreal, like "Starry NIght", I am thinking. I'll show you some of mine sometime.

  4. Absolutely lovely.

    I'm still trying to figure out flowers myself. Those macro shots are challenging.

  5. OK, spill your do you get the shot? Then, tell me why the blogger comment box is way kilter?

  6. What I meant to say was "way off kilter", but I couldn't see the whole comment box. :-P

  7. Might be one of your plugins Carol, as it works (as every it does!) for me.

    Very pretty, Claire. Been playing with macros?

  8. Nice photo Claire ... keep on shooting!

  9. And I hope one day you'll share the secret of how it's done! :)

  10. That's really lovely! I like the curly bits in the middle. You have a really lovely site, lots of nice photos to look at. I will be here for a little bit, exploring.

    Today at my place, I have some philosophical questions about blogging and one’s obligation to one’s subscribers. Would love to hear everyone’s opinion, so come on by and leave your thoughts if you’ve got a spare moment.

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  11. Nice flower, better than doodles.

  12. hey red! i like it...

    smiles, bee

  13. Hi :D nice blog :) Can we ex-change link ?

  14. Woo hoo! Well done, Claire. Onward and upward!!


  15. Now that's a lovely pic!!! Awesome.

  16. you are getting really good, girl! Love this shot.

  17. Lovely photo. Our snow has just gone it will be a while before we see flowers.

  18. Nice shot! It took me to find out I even had a Macro feature on my camera. See, it pays to read the instruction booklets. LOL! I missed a lot of flower shots that just came out blurry the minute I snapped the picture. Not any more. :-)

  19. @franscud, but the drawings show how you actually see a flower, which is what I find interesting :)

    @lisa365, Cheers :)

    @relaxmax,I have not attempted a sunset shot yet, so I may just take up that challenge.

    @hayley, Cheers hayley, they are very bloody challenging indeedy :)

    @carol, Hmm I am not the best person to ask about how I took it but I may attempt a post on it. Do you use greasemonkey plugin? that makes comment box a bit funny.

    @Alison, Yes I have finally figured out which button to press! whoops :)

    @Dale, Cheers for that and I will do :)

    @a, Well seeing as your the second person to ask, I think I will have to do a post on it.

    @tink, Thanks for that Tink! I am way behind in the blog visiting but will be over at some point.

    @sarge, wash your mouth out!

    @empress bee, cheers me dears :)

    @lady banana, thanks and you better keep on doodling as I have already had some ideas about the next challenge.

    @e-tavasi, that would be a NO!

    @akelamalu, thank you very much :)

    @bobbie, I am slowly getting the hang of this camera, next camera here I come! (in about a year).

    @Jillian, Ta very much like :)

    @Petra, Thanks ever so much! still waiting to see some more of your photographs :)

    @vic grace, I am looking forward to seeing them when they come out :)

    @2sweetnsaxy, you got me! I haven't read the booklets at all and now feel a bit daft. I guess I am a more trial and error kind of person. But I need to read up on it otherwise I will never get any better.