30 May 2008

Clown Hookers and Doodle Boobs

First things erm first? How did my Make Up trial go, Clown or Hooker? neither! Make up trial went really well. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that you liked the idea of a clown hooker, you read my blog after all. For those that don't know what I am talking about, yesterday I went for a make up trial for the wedding next week (I am a bridesmaid, not bride). I was more than a little apprehensive as I don't wear a lot of make up and have pale skin. This meant there was a higher than normal chance of looking like a crazy oompa loompa/clown/hooker in my mind. I suppose there is still a chance I could turn out clown/hookerish on the day though.

Elsewhere in blogland;
A while back Mr.45 expressed an interest in my doodles, well that's what I thought he meant anyways. After some confusion and one of us feeling silly (not me), I decided I would have a whirl a doodling something for him. Boy is he demanding, he wanted all sorts of daft things! Like rainbows, clouds, teddy bears and love hearts. After cyber bitch slapping him and getting him to man up, I suggested pole dancers, pussy (cats) and other cool things.

Phase one turned out okay but was lacking something and the doodle boobs weren't quite right.
Phase Two was much better! I even managed to fit in Scallop Man!(The story of Scallop Man). Mr.45 then fiddled with it some to make it fit in with his theme. His latest post explains a bit more about what is going on. There you can read about how I successfully managed to talk him out of doing a love poetry blog.
For the full effect check it out on his website.45 Caliber Headspace

I am still deliberating over the Caption This contest, be patient children.


  1. Rainbows clouds teddy bears and love hearts??? OH MY! .45 is in for an ASS (yes I mean literally) of hurting over those comments!!!

    Claire - you go with your bad self! I'll buy tickets, thats for damned sure!

  2. LOVE the Zap of inspiration. You give perfect pole!

  3. It's funny, I thought nothing could possibly top a doodled stripper (biting tongue), but the Mexican boy is definitely my favorite. I love the big sombrero and full poncho, like he just emerged from the Mexican Revolution. My ribs hurt from laughing so hard every time I see him.

    Needless to say, Claire, I'm becoming a huge fan of your doodling skills. Thanks so much for lending them to my blog, and talking me out of writing love poetry. I may still run with some love hearts and rainbows, though.

  4. LOL ... omg, is it wrong that I like the boobies? If I was a cartoon character would I be gay or something? ahahahaha!

    lordy ... too funny.

  5. Where's Olga when ya need her?

  6. I'd like to read some of that love poetry. Come on, post it, don't let Claire boss you around so much.

  7. @petra, He can't be mean to me see! What a wimp, I think love poetry is the way to go for him after all. Next he will be playing ABBA! hmm where did that come from I wonder?

    @deb, Ha I glad you like it, I spent far too long getting the boobs right. Thats not the first time someone has said I give perfect pole (actually it is).


    @.45, Oh I think some things could top doodle stripper. I am beginning to think you have an overbite the amount of times you bite your tongue. I don't know where mexican boy came from really, maybe from watching too many westerns. Yes, yes the tattoo was enough to say your my number one fan :)

    Look forward to the rainbows and love hearts (manscaping?).

    @Drowsey, I like the boobies too! ahahahaha. I am glad you like it, maube bdrowsey will feature in a future cartoon.

    Olga wasn't meant for those girls :)

    @laura, The poetry is far too embarrassing and I am not that mean too let him post it. I will post it myself! hahahaha!


  8. Mmmmm doodle stripper Boobies yum.

    Wait...what's up with Pepe, Pepe as I understand is a guys name and Pepe lools like a guy from the neck up but Pepe has there something your not telling us about Pepe?

  9. Of course I manscape rainbows. Everyone knows what's at the end of a rainbow (no, not the tattoo).

    I was supposed to be mean? Well, I would be, if not for my amazing ability to take a joke.

    Hows about some love poetry sung to the tune of ABBA?

  10. Where's the photo of you with your slap on?

  11. @trukindog, I thought you would like the doodle boobies.

    You will have to go over to Mr.45'S and find out about Pepe :)

    @.45, A pot of gold! hooray.

    It is an amazing ability, wait what was the joke? :)

    I would love you to sing love poetry sung to the tune of ABBA, whilst playing the tambourine :)

    @akelamalu, meh to photos, I have to suffer enough on the wedding day!

  12. Girl, you crack me up!

  13. It's nice of you to bring a bit of colour to .45's blogosphere. Sure, there's the LSD and shroom abuse but other than that, his page has been lacking in colour for some time.

    Plus I just love that pole dancing hooker.

    Then again, I just love pole dancing hookers.

  14. @crazy working Tisha, I am glad its not just me cracked :)

    @qelqoth, It was rather nice of me wasn't it, he had to work for it though.
    Pole dancing hooker has turned out to be a popular gal.

    what would you do for a doodle?


  15. Yes, that hooker is sporting a nice set!

  16. @jillian, I could add a fine set to doodle you?

    How do you feel about doodle nudity? :)

  17. Well I blogrolled you. Does that count? Because I'm an arrogant, lazy, self centered asshat who hasn't got time to do anything else. But I'm still hot. Ask Jillian. She's seen me nude on cam.

  18. @qelqoth, I blogrolled you ages ago, so that's not good enough.

    I will get back to you on what Jill says about the nudity :)

  19. @claire- You should ask Qelqoth for pictures from when he drunkenly set his truffles ablaze.

  20. @.45, How do you know of such a tale!

    Are these the pictures you have of him?

  21. The tale was on Myspace, but sadly, no more.

  22. @.45, now that is shame, but I am sure I could invent a rather jolly doodle to go with that story :)

    Excellent :)

  23. If I remember right, it involved trying to cook noodles in the microwave while drunk; and there was some spillage, and some singeing. He should tell more personal stories like that, cuz it was pretty f'in funny.

  24. I very much like the breasts.

    I mean the drawing.

    And the breasts.

    To hell with it, I LIKE BREASTS.

    That is all. Toodle-pip!

  25. @.45, Its okay you can use fucking here :)

    That does sound fucking hilarious!
    I love stories like that :)

    @Lord Likely, I wouldn't have it any other way :)