11 May 2008

Doodle Flower!

I wasn't planning on giving yesterdays doodle an ending, but then after reading the comments I thought about it some more.The doodles below show graphic violence and nudity.

The story so far...
A horny tiger enraged with lust because of heavy steroid abuse had cornered Doodle Claire and was about to eat her or shag her or both.
Luckily nekkid stick Claire came to the rescue and Doodle Claire escaped with just a mild pawing, but poor Doodle Claire was left to clean up the bloody mess.

Kitty gets it

Luckily there was a near by pool so Doodle Claire could get naked and clean up. While Doodle Claire gets back to nature and admires all the pretty flowers, there may be someone or something lurking......

My doodle flower

Tomorrow its Doodle Phone book scribble/Day dreaming scribble!


  1. I think we may all be day-dreaming of Doodle Claire after this one. That's quite a pretty butterfly. I can't wait for the next episode :).

  2. Oh, just where is that butterfly net when you need one!

    little red planet

  3. Oh how I long for a world without hunger, war, and butterflies.

  4. Um, . . . did you know there was a butterfly on yer doodle? Hehehehehe . . .

  5. I may need counselling from the trauma of seeing a chopped-up tiger.

    Naked counselling.

  6. Nevermind the tiget, but don't let anyone from Greenpeace to see it :) Nice butterfly ;)

  7. After your eventual killing spree, that choppy-tiger doodle will be the first one they show on the nightly news.

  8. This is very interesting ;O)

    Wearing a book tomorrow?

  9. I just noticed the paw marks on your boobs Ha ha ha!

  10. I'm amazed at how talented everyone is! I've a few to add to doodle week...eventho I think I'm a bit late. I'll post them shortly :)

  11. Ha! Great story good Ol'Doodle Claire!

  12. @franscud, hmmm nightmares is probably more accurate than day dreams :) I must confess that I didn't draw the butterfly. I haven't even thought about the next doodle, I have done them day by day.
    @Dale, It was very convenient that the butterfly flew by at that time :)
    @monkmojo, but butterflies are so pretty :)
    @kimo&sabi, yes I did notice, it tickled! heh.
    @mark, if only everyone else could read the comment you deleted! filth.
    @shearyadi, Greenpeace shouldn't worry about a mutant doodle tiger :)
    @deadrooster, just hope that your not on my 'list'.
    @babs, wearing a book is a great idea! and doodle claire did get a mild pawing on the boob area, it was a naughty tiger! :)
    @drowsey monkey, I have been amazed at what people have come up with its been great to see a whole range of talent. Your never too late :)
    @Roger, I am glad you liked it :)

  13. doodle claire, your blog is x rated now! ha ha ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  14. Very bloody! Nice careful useage of butterfly too. I won't mention that I also noticed the tiger made your boobs grow even bigger...

  15. Well, I've never seen a butterfly there before :-)

  16. Poor tiger.

    It may have been a little harsh of Doodle Claire to slaughter him for pawing her boobs.

    I think a taser would have sufficed.

  17. Okay...I just added mine to my blog, LOL. I say my inner child did them!

  18. @bee, hmmm well its at least PG13 :)

    @Alison, I was going to go bloodier but I controlled myself. The butterfly just happened to flutter past. Shhhhhh but doodle claire secretly liked the tiger but nekkid stick claire jumped the gun.

    @antonynorth, you haven't been about enough :)

    @Jamie, toodle doodle do to you :)

    @mariposa, cheers :)

    @sarge charlie, hehehehehe :)

    @.45, It was nekkid stick claire that did the slaughtering, doodle claire just had to clean up.

    @drowsey monkey, Cant wait to see them!

  19. I think it's only fair we see what's under the 'censored' part...

  20. @jillian, that may be in another doodle :)

    You have been warned :)

  21. @Olga, I am glad you love them! you get to see them up close and personal :)