11 May 2008

Doodle Daydream

Welcome to Day Five of Doodle Week!
Today its Doodle Daydream
Now a daydream is when you idly think about your wildest fantasies, which may include plans to take over the world, have lots of man slaves, people worshipping you and so forth. Oh and magic powers so I could smite anyone that pissed me off, my this sounds like a great daydream!
So great I just doodled it!

Claire daydreams

I also doodle,doodle, doodle in class too and have throughout my school life. Here are few samples of that.
Classroom doodles 1Classroom doodles 2

I have included not one but two cats for my Manic Monday contribution.


  1. I wish that I could doodle half as well as you do! Great job, Claire. :)

    Happy Manic Monday.

  2. I particularly like the doodle with the see-through skull ... brainiac Claire perhaps?

  3. Yes, you are quite good!
    You can actually make some cartoon graphics!

    Thanks for dropping by!

  4. nekkid underneath red? ohhhh noooo.... ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  5. LOL - I'm going to daydream now!!!

    Happy MM!

  6. It looks like you're smiting an owl on a coat rack.

  7. All those manslaves under your skirt - and naked?
    Do you get any studying done at all?

  8. A gal who doodle man slaves under her skirt ... what can I say??!!

    little red planet

  9. Hahaha! Great! Now stop Doodling in class and get back to work!

    Barb, WillThink4Wine

    Gandalf & Grayson

  10. Wow - you are quite a doodle lady! Have a great Monday!

  11. So, when are we going to take over the world?

    Oh, what? You weren't day dreaming about that too?

  12. Love your hidden cats Claire! :)

  13. I did a doodle with the paint prog. and it really sucked, I need to practice and maybe when doodle week comes around again I'll be ready to enter something.

    Your doodles are awesome!

  14. I'm glad you indicated that you were naked underneath, because I surely would've wondered.

    Also, the doodle boobs have now taken on a life of their own. I will be disappointed if I don't get to follow their continuing adventures.

    and, LOL @Mark(NB)


  15. He he you're doodle mad! I love 'em. :)

  16. I enjoyed looking through your doodle. Reminded me of my doodling during my college days :)

  17. Hey Claire!!!

    I've been meaning to comment here but I got so sick this weekend and then I was busy with Mother's Day, but I did my duty and posted my Doodles!!

    Can I just tell you this has been sooo fun! I LOVE to DOODLE! What a great idea you had!! Whoooo hooo!

    Love, love, love, the classroom doodles!!! Especially the girl with the lightning bolt...she ROCKS! ;-)

  18. I like the first one, it's really pretty -- looks like a princess taking a walk on a cobbled path on a nice sunny day. Wait, what are those things below? Man slaves?! *faints*

  19. Manslaves, tell me more! You look princessy enough for my castle doodle :)

  20. Of course you're nekkid underneath! HAHA! Hey - I have not forgotten about Doodle Week....I have been BIIZZZEEEEE!!!! But it is on "My List of Things to DO"-oodle! Sooooon! I promise!

  21. I love it the D-cup Doodle Claire is smiting her enemies while standing on a flowery hill raised to the heavens by her man slaves... and a cat.
    It's Monday evening, and we have 80 blogs that have participated in our Manic Monday Cat Doodle Fun Fund Raiser!
    That's $40 for Cat Friends Helping Friends!
    Thanks for doodling!
    ~Manic Mo

  22. I likey a lot! Great doodles!

  23. @crazy working mom, practise is all it takes :)

    @francud, well my brain was hurting at the time :)

    @the bee, cheers :)

    @empress bee, hahahahahhaha heheheehe hohohohohho :)

    @mariposa, only one of us can rule the world though :)

    @mark, that was mean :(

    @stine, that is a hill not a skirt! :)

    @dale, they are not under my skirt......yet :)

    @will think4wine, yes miss! :)

    @ivanhoe, why thank you :)

    @anok! you commented! ruddy hell! I have dreamed about that, was I naked in that dream too?


    @the teach, cheers, glad you spotted them :)

    @trukindog, doodle, doodle, doodle some more :) and thanks :)

    @.45, I know you would of wondered and no more boobs if you continue to encourage Mark and his doodle criticism :(

    but a zaps a zap :)

    @akelamalu, silly its Doodle Mad on wednesday and I am glad you like them :)

    @bk, Hey I hope you haven't stopped doodling! doodling is good for the soul :)

    @Random chick, I have loved your doodles and appreciate you doodling through sickness.

    Thanks for loving my doodles as much as I do! you rock!

    Jillian on the other hand sucks!

    @ginger m, Thanks! I am glad you think she is pretty especially when she is about to take over the world. Who doesn't want man slaves?


    @alison, I will have to do another doodle about the man slaves :)
    I would love to live in the doodle castle :)

    @Olga, you have been a bad bra, look at the doodle boobs that needed you!

    @Mo, hehehehehehe, I will save a place for you and you can have a few man slaves :)

    YAY for 80 blogs!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @jewelgirl, I likey your comment a lot :)

  24. LOL.... I DO NOT suck!

    Well... not in the way you implied. I sent you a doodle.. or what passes for one in this house. It's kinda crappy... but totally original. My weekend was fun, but didn't quite work out the way I wanted it to. :-(

  25. @Jillian, I know you don't, I was provoking you and it worked!

    I loved your doodle, but was slightly disappointed that it was distinctly non sexual :(

    Sorry weekend didn't work out the way you wanted it to :(

  26. Brilliant doodling today! As always!

  27. @sammawow, cheers as always!

    Thanks for commenting and doodling :)


  28. Turning your man slave into a cat was a great idea. Keep him small and yet useful for catching annoying rodents.

  29. :( Just caught your reply about the skirt/hill.
    I don't believe you. Your legs aren't that short. And I can tell I'm right by your glazed expression.
    It's a daydream - of course you'll gave manslaves under your skirt...

  30. @Laura, hey I am not a cat lover myself that was for Mo :)

    @Stine, me legs are hidden beneath the robe. Although I wouldnt actually hate a man slave being under my skirt:)