14 May 2008

Doodle Mad!

Oh noes! Its the Last day of Doodle Week!
Doodle Week finishes with the theme
Doodle Mad!
Being of sound mind and body I really struggled with this theme, who came up with this one? I haven't got a mad bone in my body. So I thought about what is madness? It must be when people disagree with my plans to take over the world and then refuse to worship me! People like Neonboobly! He continues to visit here and comment but never signs up to become a minion, so he has been doodled into a straight jacket and stuck in a doodle cupboard until he changes his mind. The last person that seriously disagreed with me had their head shrunk and made into a helium balloon, that's not mad is it?
Luckily I have my evil little sidekick and willing man slaves, I keep the man slaves in tight pants to show off their assets and make me happy.
I suppose being the ruler of the world I will have to put up with revolutionists and pesky anarchists trying to over throw me, they wont win because they are the mad ones.

Am i Doodle Mad?

I hope you have had as much fun as I have with Doodle Week! lets do it again sometime.


  1. I can't complain, really. What, with my Speedos getting Zapped! and all. I clearly seem to enjoy it (either that or I'm the next Joker).

  2. I divorced my man slave. Evil minions work better.

  3. I have been holding out on you with my Doodle...but you'll see why! It goes up on the 14th at the stroke of midnight! :)

  4. Your ability to stay so serene even as your punish your naughty manslaves is truly admirable.

  5. 1. I'm nobody's minion. I am somebody's onion though but I'm sworn to secrecy.

    2. Most flattering picture of me. Ever!

    3. Spooky coincidence time: I'm in your doodle ... and you're in mine!

  6. Dear Bitchcaso....just kidding! What's with this blogger comment box?

    My doodle is up...wait, I don't have a doodle. That's my husband's job. Never mind. At least I did draw something this time!

  7. I loved doodle week so much. Thank you!!!!!

  8. Congratulations on a sparkling Doodle Week. I loved it!

  9. @.45, Hey while you still please me you will continue too get zapped, your a good little muse :)
    and yes you bloody love it.

    @sarge, Hooray another slave! I wont tell bee :)

    @Laura, but man slaves look so nice and they work very well with the right incentives.

    @Olga, it was worth the wait! Happy Birthday to the mistress :)

    @melissa, being able to punish the manslaves is what keeps me serene, I mean keeps doodle claire serene! hahaha :)

    @Mark aka neonboobly, you have obviously not be trained right, yet. You need your layers peeled away. I thought I was rather nice to doodle you, at least I kept your clothes on, that may change. We must of performed a doodle mind meld! :)

    @Carol, your first attempt was well erm shit! Your second was actually a doodle and much much better! :)

    @angel, I am soooooooooooooo glad you liked doodle week!!!!!!

    :) :) :) :)

    @deb, Yay yay yay! I am so happy more than one person has enjoyed this week :)

  10. LOL! I think we all need a little more minions and man slaves...thanks for making that my new quest. ;-)

    I'm mad that Doodle Week is over! :-/

  11. Being a minion can have it's rewards, as long as you find the right mistress.

    Thanks for putting this Doodle party together, it's been a lot of fun.

  12. I know I only did one post (today) but I did all the doodles and I really enjoyed it.

    Yes do it again and I promise to do it daily next time. x

  13. PS do we get a badge or something? pretty please. x

  14. LMAO've become a doodle master. I love them all! This would make a great Saturday morning cartoon, right? I mean, what a lovable cast of characters!

  15. Did you see what that awful Max did to poor Alison over at BritishSpeak?? Can't somebody DO something about him?? Alison is hopping mad, too!!

  16. I'm turning him into my minion, Claire, you're needed over at British Speak!

  17. Well, it was two fun Doodlin' Days!
    Thanks, you mad woman you. Poor straight jacket guy and speedo guy. Bannished to the doodle Cupboard.

    Happy Day to you.


  18. Ha ha ha..."Why am I here?"

    You're so funny.

  19. @Claire - The automated evil minion man slaves work much better. When you're done they just fold up in the closet, under the bed or you can even just suck them up in the vacuum cleaner when you've really had enough of them. The evil minions never bug you for food, nag you about how much money you spent or show up late for your date cause they didn't ask for directions.

  20. Oh, Claire - I loved the week too!
    A minion or two would hit the spot here as well - where do you buy yours?

  21. This is the prettiest doodle Claire to date. I guess the man slaves are doing a good job keeping her happy. Thanks for Doodle Week! It was a blast! :)

  22. Heavens, your mastery of the doodle has come along in leaps and bounds and then further leaps and bounds!

    Jolly good show all round. You can doodle me any time, m'dear.

  23. hahahaha, i love it. You are a doodle genius!

  24. @random chick, the is not enough to share so they are all mine!
    Don't worry I will have you doodling again :)

    @franscud, the minions have no choice about anything once they cross over to the dark side :)
    I have loved your doodles.

    @akelamalu, I loved your one post and I am sure I will be something like this again. I will make you a badge :)

    @Tricia, Doodle Master is a title I like. I may start doing a cartoon :)

    @candygirl, I saw it and was disgusted, but also laughed.

    @alison, you don't need my help and you cant have any of my minions!

    @ladybanana, I loved what you did doodle, keep on doodling in the mean time!

    @Jennifer, me mad? yep! Hey speedo guy looks happy doesn't he. I am not that mean :)

    @mags,hmmmm I will be doodling you :)

    @Laura, Hmmm I quite like the sound of an automated minion man slave.

    @stine, Yay I am glad you enjoyed it. I don't need to buy mine, they come willingly :)

    @ginger m, Cheers, world domination does that to me :)

    I am really glad you joined in :)

    @lord likely, Thats jolly nice of you to say, lots and lots of doodling doesn't make you blind after all!
    I may just doodle you :)

    @caroline, cheers! Not sure about the genius bit, but it has been fun :)

  25. Oh sure - they are a man slave until you marry them and then they get lazy and forget how to tie their own shoes. The bastards.

    Great illustration, by the way. And being mad isn't a bad thing. Trust me - I know from experience. :-)

  26. @Petra - I too made the mistake of marrying my man slave. I can't tell you where I have hidden the body. Let's just say automated evil minions are the way to go and leave it at that.

  27. @petra, I don't intend to marry them, hahaha@ The Bastrads :)

    I have embraced my madness amd I have loved your illustrations :)

    @laura, You scare me sometimes, heh!