13 May 2008

Doodle Abstract

You have made it to Day 6 of Doodle Week!
Today the theme is
Doodle Abstract.
Definition: Abstract art is art that does not depict objects in the natural world, but instead uses colour and form in a non-representational way.

From that definition I think it means anything that comes out of my noggin is rather abstract so I can doodle whatever bollocks I like.

Abstract Claire

Can you believe Doodle Week is nearly over!
Doodle Mad tomorrow.


  1. I feel like Abstract Claire is eyeballing me.

    What happens if someone gets that goo she's secreting from her palms on them?

  2. @.45, she is looking right at you sat there in your underpants:)

    depending on who it is, the goo renders that person mine to toy with forever.

  3. But, I'm not wearing any. The boys need to roam the plains now and again, but especially now.

  4. @.45, the goo is working already I see, next you will be sending me pictures :)

    @roger, cheers :)

  5. I will not be toyed with! Wait, what kinda toys we talkin'?

  6. @.45 cherry flavoured ones :)

  7. You're right, you've got my number.

  8. Hey abstract Claire has lop sided boobs...but their big so it's all good.

  9. I wouldn't use "lopsided" to describe her boobs, they're more like... abstract? I like abstract-boobed Claire, she seems comfortable with herself.

  10. "From that definition I think it means anything that comes out of my noggin is rather abstract so I can doodle whatever bollocks I like."

    Well, I've looked and looked and I've narrowed it down to two possibilities: the bollocks are either around your chest or they're on either side of your face.

    Either way, I like the way you think.

  11. Great Doodle Claire! I like the one big eye! :-)

    I Doodled a Cat for Mo's "Cat Friends for Friends" Fund Raiser. I don't know how you all do these really good lines and stuff. My Paint Program is Ick! LOL! I did my best though.

    Thank You for stopping by my blog last week to offer your condolences. That was sweet of you.

  12. I had NO idea you were a green skinned cyclops... Gosh, the things you learn about folks during Doodle Week...

  13. @.45, dance my little puppet :)

    Your are easy to mess with.

    @trukindog, they are abstract not lopsided! hmmpph.

    @ginger m, I appreciate you seeing the finer nuances of my art :)

    She is very comfortable with herself :)

    @mark, I count you commenting as bollocks, how is that for abstract thinking! :)

    @kimmie, Cheers! I hand doodled this one, I am not that good on Paint!

    I love Mo and you mean a lot to him, so I had to comment. I hope you are okay :)

    @Jenn, What did you think I was? hehehe :)

  14. I'm wounded Claire! While your statement is perfectly justified and I can't find a thing wrong with it I'm still hurt to the core. Oh! The pain! The pain of it all!

  15. @mark, you shouldn't of criticised my previous doodle :(

  16. You mean that's not the real you?

  17. @stine, or it is the real me and everything else is abstract.

  18. Wow! Abstract Claire looks a little like Ariel (The Little Mermaid) on Ecstasy...I know I'm warped! Sorry! ;-)

    I love it!!

  19. That is rather abstract! I'm posting all mine tomorrow in one go!

  20. I like the abstract Claire. I get very single minded when I set my sights on something too!

    I don't have a fliker (?) account but if you want, can you copy and paste the pics off of my site and save them to the slide show thingy?

    In other words, I am a techno-DUH but you are welcome to nab the pics somehow.

    Happy Day to you.


  21. @random chick, that's exactly the look I was going for :)

    @akelamalu, cool! I look forward to it :)

    @Jennifer, I can be rather single minded if eye set my sights on something :)

    I will nab the photos :)

    Cheers for doodling :)

  22. Alien Claire! All must bow before here. I can't convincing do abstract, so don't expect much :(

  23. @alison, yes everyone bow before me! heh :)

    @laura, One eyed doodle Claire does seem popular.

    @angel, haha thanks! :)