9 May 2008

Doodle Monster!

You have successfully made it Day Two of Doodle Week!
The theme for today is
I am not sure what inspired my monster, I just left paint open and added bits throughout the day. I always start with the eyes and then go from there, maybe I will reveal who was ripped to shreds and devoured in another tale.

My Doodle Monster

Seeing as I am totally addicted to doodling now, or maybe just getting high off the marker pens, here are my hand drawn monster doodles.

This monster isn't quite sure of himself, in fact he feels a bit transparent.
This is the drippy monster, he leaves you feeling wet, it must be the tentacles.
Arghhh! Its another monster!
I hope you are still loving Doodle Week as much as me? Who cares if your not, as long as I am having fun.

Tomorrow its


  1. Monsters must make your doodle boobs grow. Hooray monsters!

  2. There be monsters on me site now ... aargh!

    Yours are much more frightening than mine.

  3. Lovely beasts.

    And the monsters are great too.

  4. Your boobs got bigger in the last doodle. Which of the characters in that are the real monster... eh?

    Just kidding. Don't set your doodle monster on me.

    Glad you are having fun. :)

  5. @.45, they looked a bit small in the last one, the miracle of marker pens fixed that :)

    @franscud, Yours are most excellent and not as silly as I was expecting, do something less good! I think my monsters are cute :)

    @mark, I knew you would like the beasts.

    @Laura, ssshhhhhhhhhhhh! Don't let everyone know that I am real monster!

    Yep the boobs are bigger, I think doodle claire likes hanging out with scary beasts :)

  6. LOL "Drippy monster leaves you feeling wet" *shudder*

  7. Lol...45 beat me to it. I was gonna ask if it was just me or do your boobs keep growing?

    Your doodles are getting awesome. I would call them art now. I can't even do the stick doodles so I'll just keep enjoying yours. :o)

  8. Oh wow! I absolutely love your doodle monsters! I see a blog recommends focused solely on you in your future! Not only do you have youth, you have talent.

    I think you suck. (No comment .45!)

  9. @ginger, heh! some people would like that :)

    @tricia, yes they keep growing on doodly me, until I get them just right :)

    Its for fun, not for Art! do it :)

    @Petra, you suck more, heh! Meaning I know you are mucho talented :)

  10. Yes, the boobage is definitely enlarged. And the monster seems mesmerized by it. Perhaps that is Cartoon Claire's secret monster-fighting weapon?

  11. Claire you're too good at this! I haven't managed to do anymore yet but I will and probably do one post containing them all - I'll let you know.

  12. Hello Doodle Claire!
    You certainly have a theme going with your tentaclicios monsteros!

    I have posted about a Doodle/Manic Monday fun fund-raiser @ It's A Blog Eat Blog World & Purrchance To Dream!!!

    Doodle Mo

  13. The Doodle Monster bears a striking resemblence to that of my mother-in-law.

  14. Your monsters are scarier than mine, sob :(

  15. Hooray marker pens!

  16. @hayley, excellent usage of the word boobage :)
    Doodle Claire/Me have that affect on monsters, it is good and bad :)

    @akelamalu, aww thanks! I bet I just have more time on my hands than yourself :)
    Let me know if you post :)

    @Doodle Mo, I hope no one picks up anything freudian with my tentaclicios monsteros! Will be over shortly :)

    @qelqoth, your married! that is scary, for the wife :)

    @Alison, well I am sorry about that, grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

    @.45, Hooray! erm what? Doodle me something!

  17. Great doodle monsters. We are loving doodle week!

  18. It's all about you baby! LOL Personally, I'm loving doodle week. :)

  19. I'm doodle scared now! Interesting how your doodle monsters are chasing you ... should we psychoanalyze?
    little red planet

  20. Dayum those boobies are gonna start fighing back soon! I concur that the correct way to address a monster is "oh shit."

  21. @Moki, Cheers! I am glad you are loving it :)

    @Drowsey Monkey, Of course its all about me! heh.

    But you haven't doodled anything :(

    I forgive you though! heh.

    @melissa, Hmmm now there's a good idea for a doodle!

    Oh Shit is right on the money :)

  22. @littleredplanet, it must be about my submissive nature when it comes to being chased by beasts.