8 May 2008

Doodle Week has started with Doodle You!

Hooray Doodle Week has started!
If your playing along with the daily theme then you will know that today the theme is
Doodle You!

Doodle Me Claire

After doodling the above Doodle Me selection online using the paint program, I thought I would have a whirl at doodling by hand and scanning the results, this is what I came up with.

Doodle Me in draft

Nekkid stick Claire has got a bit pissed off with having no clothes so I decided to draw some.

Doodle me in pen

Head over to the Doodle Week Blog to drop off your link if you are playing along and then go and have a gander at your fellow doodlers doodles.

Join me tomorrow for
Doodle Monster!
It will be even more terrifying than the dreaded
Scallop Man!


  1. Clothes, boobs and the hat too! You're an early starter. I'm getting to bed so I can doodle in the morning. Later morning. :)

  2. I feel like a slacker after contributing only one doodle to the cause. Awesome job as always. Happy Doodle Week! :)

  3. Ha! I will neither have clothes nor boobs!

  4. Boobs are good. No, make that: boobs are awesome.

  5. @Laura, don't forget I am on a different time zone :)

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with this week, I am doodling on the day so have no idea what the next doodle is going to look like.

    @franscud, you put a lot more soul into yours than mine and have true artistic skills, cant wait to see it :)

    @.45, No clothes! woot!
    No boobs? that's a relief :)

    @mark, I am sure you have a fine pair yourself :)

  6. You have no idea how right you are.

  7. Your doodle boobs are so perky!

    I have Doodles up @ It's A Blog Eat Blog World and Purrchance To Dream!

    And we have it publicized over at The Cat Blogosphere, and LOTS of kitties are participating!

    And, here's a sneak preview - the Manic Monday theme for Monday the 12th will not only be "Doodle" BUT it will also be a fun doodlerriffic fund raiser for Cat Friends Helping Friends!!!!

    Mo mo wanna doodle all da day!

  8. Love the doodle you! Nekked Claire looks she cold???

    Happy Doodle Week!

    This is FUN! :-)

  9. Doodle Claire looks happy with the clothes...I haven't doodled any for myself yet, maybe another time :)

  10. @Mark hmmm man boobage.

    @Mo, so are my real ones :)

    The Cat blogosphere have definitely ran with it :)

    Doodle on Dude!

    @Random Chick, Cheers, I haven't decided if she is mad I have dressed her or because I haven't dressed her sooner.

    I am having lots of fun with it :)

    @Alison, doodling clothes is harder and its more fun being nekkid! :)

  11. Oooo...the new doodle Claire is so cute...just like you!

    Sorry, I've been away. I'm back now, as someone

    Take care and keep doodlin' :O)

  12. @tricia, well you lost me with the first new name, but I got you now :)

    You take care and keep me posted :)

  13. Ohh! Love the doodles.

    I'm not sure why Nekkid Claire looks so mad, though. You did give her a perfect hour-glass figure after all.

    And the boobage in Not-Nekkid Claire, nicely done. Perfect C cups!

    Thanks for planning Doodle Week. It's off to a fun start.

    Happy Doodling!

  14. @Hayley, cheers!
    Nekkid Claire is just plain mad, like erm me!

    Oh I wanted bigger boobs than that, I will have to enlarge them in the next doodle, so quick and painless :)

    I can't believe how many mad doodlers are playing along and I am certainly having fun with it :)

  15. Marvellous doodlery, m'dear.

    Is doodlery even a word? I do not know. If it is not, than I should like to claim it as my own.

    I shall endeavour to nudge my writing associate Mr. Fanton into knocking you up. A doodle. Yes. Ahem.

    Bravo, and all that!

  16. Clothes + Boobs, LOL :))))
    I do like the "censored naked" version too. What a tiny waist, you've got ;)

    Nice job. So far I only managed to produce one "doodle week" thing... Busy-busy-busy :(

  17. These doodles are so funny. I love them. I'd love to join in too but I don't have a scanner. :( Not to worry. I intend to have a good time viewing all the other doodles. :)

  18. I love the look of satisfaction on clothed Claire's face. Probably happy with her sweater puppies?

  19. @Lord Likely, well you certainly know how to wield a pen, so i would say you have a right to the word doodlery. I hope he manages to knock one up for me :)

    @rashell, any contributions from a yoda like doodler would and is great!
    Glad you like my doodles! :)

    @brightfeather, I am glad that you are still enjoying them, even though you can't join in :)

    @melissa, heh, I was happy with them, but then I decided to make them bigger!


  20. I noticed you mentioned 'erotica'... WHERE??? Do you write it? If so, where are THOSE posts and how the hell did I miss them??

  21. @Jillian, another that picked up on the erotica :)

    I could just be messing with you :)

    as his hand crept slowly downwards, jillian began to...........