19 May 2008

The Hen Night!

Hen Night Collage

Check out the rest of the photo's here:
Emma's Hen Night!

In case you don't know what I mean by Hen Night, I mean a Bachelorette Party, the last big night out before the bride gets married. I am not sure whether these are the same all around the world but over here you need a few simple ingredients.
What are these ingredients? Most importantly you need a Blow Up Rob, shit I mean a Bride to be. Then you need Blow Up Rob, nope I meant Bridesmaids and friends, then you need Blow Up Rob.
The destination was Liverpool, which is in the North of England and a popular choice for hen nights. Liverpool is popular as it has lots of pubs,clubs and is generally a fun place to go out with a bunch of girls dressed up. The theme was Moulin Rouge, just in case you cant tell from the photographs above. I was more than a little reluctant to dress up and you wont get to see what I looked like, as I was taking the photographs. Everyone looked pretty good and it was quite fun dressing up, even if I normally hate stuff like that.
Blow Up Rob got the most attention by a mile, was stolen twice but was returned after some police intervention and help from some lovely men. It probably looks like everyone was really drunk but in fact nobody was, you don't need to be when your out with us lot.
As punishment for being out all weekend I feel like death overloaded with sinus crap, so this post isn't as funny or long as it could of been. I may come back to it, I may not. The wedding is in less than three weeks now and there is a lot going on with that and college.

I shall be going over the finer details and traditions of a proper Hen Night over at BritishSpeak in a future post.


  1. oh baby that looks like fun!!! too bad i'm too old for that crap! ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  2. Heather is cracking me up in those pictures. :) Looks like you girls had a fun time. Too bad I'm so far away...AND PREGNANT! *sigh*

  3. OK so you know I'm in lust now with Heather & her stockings right?

  4. What Empress Bee said. How fun Red. I get it now. We don't do fun stuff like that here. Only the men do this type of thing. They have boring bridal showers here. I like how you do this far better. :)

  5. Bee stole my thoughts...I was thinking how very old I felt after reading this post!

  6. Damm! I wish I could have been there! ;D

  7. I've never been to a hen party (obviously) but it appears you all had a good time.

    Thankfully, no one ever took pictures at the bachelor parties I have been to.

  8. If there's one thing I know about hens, they all love a good cock.

    That blonde doll is NOT of the non-rude variety, btw.

  9. Liverpool is popular as it has lots of pubs...

    I like this place already!

    you wont get to see what I looked like...

    You're leaving quite a few people disappointed.

  10. Definitely not a proper hen night without a blow-up man or two.
    Dares are good too; we made up cards a few years ago with green/amber/red-rated dares for the hens, and a prize at the end. All the poor men were either scared or had their tongues hanging out.

  11. @Empress Bee, I am sure you have some fishnets in your top drawer and I know you have a feather boa :)

    @Tisha, You definitely get a laugh with heather about, she may look good but she is more of a joker than a poser :) It was a really fun night.

    @trukindog, tis a shame another trucker got to her first :)

    @sandee, no blow up dolls! that's very boring!

    @gracie, less of the old! I think you would be a hoot to go out with :)

    @roger, only if you were female or deflatable:)

    @da old man, we had a great time, thanks for hopping over, it seems there is never any photos of bachelor parties.

    @.45, Hens do like a good cock.
    and yes you are correct the blonde one is a 'rude' doll but it wasn't ours, she was out with a stag do, god knows if she made it back in one piece.

    @Jillian, I would definitely take you out into Liverpool.

    I am sorry about disappointing people (well not really).

    @catherine, yep we took dares but everyone was dancing too much and in the end we couldn't be bothered.

  12. I'm glad there are still some decent people in this world who will return a Blow Up Rob to his rightful owners. I had begun to lost faith in humanity...

    Looks like you gals had too much fun! LOL

  13. These photos have a distinct artistic merit and I would be interested in receiving some hi-res copies [ahem].

    Are you sure there's none of you? :-D

    (Goes for a cold shower)

  14. @Random Chick, they were gorgeous Irish fellas :) It really was a good night out.

    @jean-luc picard, bawdy? us? never!

    @chris, I am sure you just want them for artistic reasons and yes I am sure there is none of me :)

    Still no electricity in your neck of the woods? heh :)

  15. Oh hen, I used to love gannin into toon on a friday or sat night and seeing the hen parties. what a laugh they are. I had mine in Newcastle :)

    Hope you all had a great time.

  16. @jafabrits, I have heard great things about the nightlife in Newcastle but not made it there yet.

    It was a great time indeed :)

  17. No photos of you??

    Not fair!

  18. lol looks like you had a blast!

  19. @Kai, you will have to make do with the real thing in September :)

    @erika, A blast is exactly what it was :)