20 May 2008

I am unwell, meh.

Claire is ill

I am still feeling unwell, so this doodle is a combination of that and cough medicine.


  1. Is that supposed to be me in the bucket?

    If so ... then it's not that bent.

  2. Sorry you're under the weather- feel better!

  3. Sorry to hear you're not well honey. xx

  4. You always hurt the ones you enslave ... er, I mean love. I hope you feel better. It's good to know illness can't keep down a good doodle.

  5. OK, try douching...your nose with saline spray. Get some Nasonex ro something similar too. Other than that, I think you need to rest up from your wild life. ;) Get well my friend!!

  6. Take some aspirin, drink lots of water, and sleep. You'll feel much better tomorrow...

  7. Feel better soon Red. Big hug and lotsa lovies. :)

  8. Aw, poor Claire. She's mean when she's ill...hugs!

  9. Oh, Claire! You're white as a ghost. Stop expending all that energy on your poor ... slave? ... and get some rest! Feel better.

  10. feel better...that cough medicine is powerful stuff..:)

  11. Well, I hope you feel better soon sweets. That's what you get for getting so out of control!!!

  12. @Mark, oh noes I have other stuff planned for you :)

    @pit, thanks :)

    @akelamalu, cheers me dears :) (I havent forgotten about the badge).

    @franscud, yep I think your right isn't that what they are there for :)
    Doodling in bed is the only thing that hasn't made me feel ill.

    @carol, nasonex is yuck, but I really need to try the salt wash thingie as people have repeatedly told me but I was too lazy to do it.

    @ladybanana, yep you reap what you sow :)

    @random chick, I am sticking to the yummy, I mean helpful cough medicine for now. :)

    @sandee, thanks for that twas lovely :)

    @alsion, yep illness makes me mean, grumpy and sorry for myself :)

    @hayley, doodling tortured man slave helped me feel a little better :)

    @robert, hmmm and it tastes so nice! thanks :)

    @tisha, aww thanks very much, hey and I wasn't out of control. That would be scary :)

  13. NyQuil baby NyQuil!

    Sorry your sick darlin, feel cheeky soon.

  14. I feel your pain on the sinus front, recently recovered from it myself (needed antibiotic).

  15. Woo and, indeed, hoo. I am on a promise.

  16. Aww, poor dearie. Hope you get well soon, else you'll have to go to rehab to pitch the cough medicine. (Eeek!)


  17. Cool Ninja Chick about to save the budgie smuggling dude from the evil witch with a demon coming out her arse?

    That some be some wicked cough medicine!

    Hope you get better.


  18. Get well soon.

    Those are some pretty nasty claw marks on that manslave. Hope you didn't break a nail. Punish him for any damage he has caused.

  19. Get well soon!

  20. AT least your boobs still look good! ;)
    Sorry you feel badly....pop over & see my blog for a little pick-me-up!

  21. I highly recommend hot toddies. they are wonderful when you double the dose of alcohol content! On a side note, your doodle is wonderful! Love the leg in the trash can (that is a leg right?) and the guy in chains is awesome! Not too sure about the green monster behind your butt tho.... kinda suggestive, don't you think??
    anyhoo - hope you feel better real soon! **sending well thoughts your way!**

  22. Wait... are you saying "shit" because you actually shit yourself or for some other reason?

    Cuz if you shit yourself then... ewww.


  23. @Roger, oh noes! sorry to hear that.

    @trukindog, no nyquil here :( Illness doesn't stop me being cheeky :)

    @thriftcriminal, I blame shit weather and pollution! Hope your feeling better now.

    @mark, save your woo hoo's for now :)

    @bns, feeling better, but may need rehab :)

    @dale, its a ninja anarchist and the green fella is hiding behind me, not coming out my behind! Feeling better cheers :)

    @Laura, your right I should punish him again, just because!

    @pentad, thanks ever so much for the well wishes :)

    @Olga, yes thank heavens for the boobs, will hop over later :)

    @petra, unfortunately hot toddies are out due to the whisky as I have had an unfortunate incident with that particular spirit. Yes it is a leg in the can, you inspired that :) A guy in chains is always awesome. The green fella is just hiding in terror after seeing doodle me dismember folks.

    @Jillian, the green fella is saying shit not Doodle I, I did not shit myself! heh :)

    No I really didn't.