6 May 2008

Not long to go till Doodle Week!

Doodle Week starts on this Thursday 8th May!
Remember you can post whatever/whenever you like but I will be posting everyday following the themes below. Feel free to follow along with the themes if you want. I will be posting my contribution here and then there will be a new Mr Linky post over on the Doodle Week blog every day, which you can get to by clicking the banner above.

Thursday 8th May
Doodle You, try your hand at doodling yourself. From a stick person to whatever you think represents you. This is also a good place to incorporate your name and/or Blog title, as a fellow doodler pointed out.

Friday 9th May
Doodle Monster, I had many a little monster I use to doodle as a kid. Some of these have evolved into rather bizarre looking creatures. What is hiding in your cupboard or under the bed, or in your mind?

Saturday 10th May
Doodle Animal
, Do you have a animal that you have always doodled?
I went through a phase of doodling a mad flamingo, so he might make a return.

Sunday 11th May
Doodle Flower

Monday 12th May
Doodle Phone book scribble/Day dreaming scribble, I think this is when I get really doodly, normally its while I am sat in class and then cant make sense of my notes because I have doodled all over them.

Tuesday 13th May
Doodle Abstract
Swirls, patterns,whatever abstract means to you.

Wednesday 14th May
Doodle Mad
This could be Mad Angry, Mad Loony or just Mad as in loads of doodles :)

(Thank you for reading and commenting on my post below)


  1. I like your Monday one. I remember doing the same thing Red. All over my school notes. Have fun. :)

  2. I'm going to do my best to doodle every day. Is the last one "mad" as in crazy or angry? I think I'd do better with the former :).

  3. Are we supposed to submit a doodle per theme or just pick any day we want to participate?

  4. @Sandy, I might have some of my high school books knocking about with old doodles, so you may see them.

    Cheers :)

    @franscud, I have amended it so you go doodle Mad in whatever way you like :)

    @Jillian, you can do whatever you like :)

    I am doing every day, but lots of people are just doing one. A few arent even posting on their blogs just sending it to me :)

  5. If we post on our blog... where do we link back to?

    And yes, I should have been paying closer attention!

  6. @jillian link back to the doodle week blog if you like.

    want a badge,header thingie?

    what day you doing?


  7. I am so gonna be all over this. You have brought up so many memories of doodles of yore that exist no more. Lets hope I can still draw up my favorites.... YEH this is gonna be fun!

  8. I always admire your doodles but I don't think I am artistic enough.

  9. @Petra, Woot woot! now thats the entusiasm I am looking for :)

    @Vic, Its not just about being artistic its about fun and its good for you! Honest :)

  10. Can't wait to see what you come up with, you're so good at them!

  11. I will try to contribute something, but really I can't promise anything. I'm awful at remembering things lol.

  12. @Akelamalu, oh no don't put pressure on me, I haven't even started mine yet! whoops :)

    @Chica, I would love you to have a go :)

  13. I'm jumping on the Doodle Week Bang Wagon...don't laugh too hard, K?

  14. OOPS! Just realized I typed "Bang Wagon!" Was that a mistake or NOT? Hmmm....LOL!

  15. @random chick, I promise, well sort of, you cant hear me can you?

    @random chick, I like you, but not that much, yet! :)


  16. Why do I always miss fun stuff? hi Claire, I'm visiting from Akelamalu's and I'm doing a doodle piece. I know it's late, but I loved the idea. Hope you don't mind. :D