29 May 2008

There will be blood!

Bionic Mum

I love thinking of snappy post titles and before you worry, no I haven't gone postal (yet) and rampaged through the village in a crazed frenzy.
The mum aka cupboard monster has finally gotten her operation date! It will be a week today and there will be blood!
Read here for more mum info *the Mum*. It is a humdinger of a operation, I last mentioned this way back in December Operation bionic leg is go go go and it has took this long for the doctors to get their shit together. She will go into hospital on the Wednesday and then they operate on Thursday at some point.
Then the wedding is on the next day,nice timing isn't it? So that adds a wee bit of stress, but I am just glad she is having the operation at long last.
I am going to be mad mad mad busy up till then, with coursework to be done, last minute wedding stuff and the mum. Tomorrow I am going for my make up trial for the wedding which will hopefully not make me look like a clown or a hooker or worse a clown hooker!

Excuse me while I spontaneously combust.


  1. Wow Red, that took forever to get your mum in for that operation. Then the wedding. Oh you are going to be very, very busy. Sending good vibes your way. You can to all this. I just know it. Big hug. :)

  2. If there's gonna be clown hookers in the bridal party, I definitely wanna see those photos!

    That's bad timing with your mom, I hope all goes well for her. :)

  3. give your mum a hug from me red and i had my makeup done once. i was a clown hooker and it was funny but i was not in a wedding, yikes!

    smiles, bee

  4. Oh what a shame your mum will miss the wedding but it's good she's finally getting the op. I'll keep her in my thoughts and send Reiki for her. x

  5. Glad to hear that your mother is finally getting her operation though the timing really could not have been much worse, could it?

    As for the clown hooker - have I ever mentioned how much I totally dislike clowns??

    Hoping you've not blown up yet!

  6. You don't know until you try. A clown hooker could be a really good look for you. Though I'd go with the clown dominatrix, would be more fun.

    Good luck to your Mom. I haven't been reading your blog long enough to know if it's you getting married or if you are attending in the wedding party. Either way you will be lovely Claire. You'd have to try pretty hard to be less than lovely, I've seen your photos.

  7. @sandee, yep she has certainly had to wait for it! and yes i am going to be busy, help! Thanks for the vibes :)

    @drowsey, I am sure there will be lots and lots of pictures but you may never see them. Thanks for the well thoughts in regards to the mum.

    @bee, awww my mum said thanks. Thanks for sharing your clown hooker experience :)

    @akelamalu, she is upset that she wont see me and heather all dressed up, so we may sneak to the hospital inbetween the day and night do :)

    @linda, the timing sucks! but at least its well out the way in regards to September trip. I also hate clowns and don't want to hate myself even more! lol.
    (not blown up yet)

    @laura, clown hooker and clown dominatrix sound very very disturbing to me.

    Thanks for the mum luck :)

    I think I need a man/partner to get married and at the moment the nearest I have to that is Blow Up Rob :)

    I am a bridesmaid and we shall see what I look like on the day, well I will see at least :)

  8. The surgery should be over and you should be knee-deep in the wedding festivities. I hope your mom is doing well and I hope the clown hooker bridesmaids are having fun boozing it up.

    Clown hooker bridesmaids? Sounds like an idea for a story. :)

  9. Hope all goes well for you mum, Claire. You better be nice to her or she may kick your ass with her bionic leg.

    I haven't seen many clown hookers, but I did see a sting operation where a cop picked up hookers dressed as a clown. It was the weirdest thing I've ever seen. What could possibly have made the cops assume they could nab more hookers if dressed as a clown?

  10. @Hayley the fun starts next week :)

    and your right it does sound like a great story!

    @.45, Thank you! she could never kick my ass, she is a midget :)

    Wow that sounds like a very odd clown/hooker scenario indeed! I have no idea what made them think that would be a good idea, it must of been a fun strategy meeting.