28 May 2008

Flower time

White flower 1


  1. Awesome Red. You are getting very good with that camera of yours. Have a great day. :)

  2. It's lovely -- looks like it's made from tissue paper.

  3. This is beautiful... I visited your Flickr page and you have some AMAZING images!

  4. Awwwwwwwwesome. Love the brick in the bg too. :)

  5. Your best macro so far, in my opinion.

  6. Great photo. I love flower closeups.

  7. great catch for WW! mine's up too hope you can drop by...

  8. Nice shot! They look like they're made of paper.

  9. Very, very nice...

  10. So delicate looking-- also they look like they're levitating. :)

  11. OK, here's your comment, damn it! :)

    Love the flower. You're really nailing this macro photography thing. Soon you'll probably move on to new heights in macro photography, like capturing a perfect reflection in a single drop of water.

    Gah! I'm so jealous. :P

  12. Damn Girl! You actually know what you're doing with that camera...seriously, you need to enter some of these into a contest. Do it now, I tell you!!

  13. @sandee, slowly, slowly I am getting the hang of it :)

    @feefito, shhhh thats my secret! Okay not really :)

    @erika, cheers! :)

    @michelle, awww thanks! Now if only I could paint them too!

    @chica, you would prefer a photo of the wall I bet?

    @a., cheers me dears :)

    @mark, how remarkably nice of you :)

    @Maggie, thank you! They are tricky shots to get.

    @pretty life, Thanks :)

    @2sweetnsaxy, thats two that think that, I will have to look at the flowers closer.

    @june, cheers :)

    @jenn, I used the power of my mind to make them levitate, or did I levitate whilst taking the photo? hmmmm.

    @hayley, thanks damn it! heh. I am not attempting the water drop yet! I may nick the dads camera and have a whirl at it in the future. Your photos are ace :)

    @random chick, damn girl! That was a rather nice comment :)

    @lady banana, I shall have a gander at it shortly :)

    @drowsey, cheers! I am glad so many people liked it!


  14. Beautiful work. You clearly have an eye for this sort of thing.

    Now, what is the other eye for, I ask?

  15. Wow, Claire -- if you keep this up we're going to have to start calling you "Flower Girl."