3 May 2008

Twas a murky day

Looking into the fog

If you read my Llama and Blow up friends posts, you would of seen that a great time was had by all on the hen weekend! The only thing that put a dampener on it was the weather, but it did create the atmosphere for interesting shots like this one for .
In a short space of time, just over a year I have took thousands of photographs and hopefully you will of seen an improvement. This photography lark has definitely infected me and that's why it makes up such a large 'piece of me' on my blog at the moment. I have had some great help and advice off some great bloggers, most of them are found on my side bar. Anything from resizing pictures, compliments, tools to use and some contrsuctive criticism, it all really helps!
Counselling studies are very intense at the moment and it has filled up my mind, so my poor brain needs to let off steam in a creative way, that's were the photography and doodling comes in.

If you have time, check the post below for info on Doodle Week!


  1. Beautiful photograph! It looks... surreal.

  2. That's a beautifully atmospheric photo.

  3. Wow....impressive photo!! Like time stand still for no one. Love it.

    My photo hunt is something you'd like to view I'm sure. Like Birds? Come on over-----

  4. wow great pic very moody!
    View mine if you wish here thanx

  5. I think this is my first time commenting, but I have been here a few times. I like your photos, this one is excellent.

  6. It's a beautiful shot.

  7. Yarrr! There be a storm brewin'!

    Yup, I went there. Nice shot... kinda scary.

  8. You have very nice photography. I'm into photography myself, but I haven't had the opportunity to take a lot of photos in quite some time. I hoping to be able to again sometime soon. :)

  9. @Teena, thanks for hopping by, I am behind in visiting so will be by sometime today :)
    @elise, cheers it felt very surreal that day actually.
    @jams, cheers :)
    @max, cheers it twas.
    @hootin, Thanks for that, it felt very ominous :) I love birds, will be over later.
    @gaj38, cheers :)
    @benaprk, thanks commenting I have been a visitor to your site for ages now, but not commented (whoops). I really appreciate the comment.
    @Tisha, cheers :)
    @Jillian, you silly bugger :) It was taken on llama llama llama day.

    @anabellster, thank you! I hopped over to your site and I was very impressed.