9 Jun 2008

Boob tape and lots of it.

Well the wedding day has been and gone, it was a lovely day, the end. What? You want more information? I suppose I could write a wee bit more.

Preparations for the wedding started over eighteen months ago when the wedding was first announced. My sister and I were asked by Emma to be her bridesmaids, I tried to get out of it but couldn't come up with a decent enough excuse. Not that I didn't love being asked, I just don't like that sort of thing (read this for more info me me me and me again).
Anyways I have just had to get on with it and for the most part I have had a lot of fun, remember the Llamas and Blow Up Rob. Just thinking about it makes me laugh, read these posts for a jolly good laugh and a bit more insight into my idea of fun.
Hen Night, Introducing Blow Up Rob , llama llama LLAMA!.

Things began to get fun/hectic/mad last week with the make up trial, remember the question Clown or Hooker? From then on I realised I wasn't quite as prepared as I thought! I needed magic pants, boob tape and shoes. I have a tendency to plan things but leave the purchasing them to the very last minute.
I stated in the post that's two below this one that I had defuzzed myself, I think it confused some of you or evoked strong 'wrong' imagery. It isn't a sexual act, although erm, I simply meant removing my winter coat. In simpler terms I shaved my legs and other bits, as apparently hairy legs are not a good look for bridesmaids. As well as defuzzing, plucking, tweezing, there was also the face masks to be applied and hair to be dyed. Evidence of the face masks and hair dyeing process can be seen below, I was trying to smile honest, but my face was stuck in a gruesome clay mask pose.
After trying on the dress I decided that boob tape and lots of it was needed for the dress. Wearing a halter neck style dress is a pain in the arse when you cant wear a bra. The boob tape was a necessary evil, its a good thing I don't have a hairy chest. Otherwise the removal of the boob tape, would of been like a shitty wax job. As the dress was rather snug fitting, magic pants were also needed for a lovely stream line effect.
I left it till the day before the wedding to pick up my shoes, I thought it would be a simple case of going to the shop and purchasing them. Whoops maybe not that simple, as they didn't have my size. Shit! what to do? Curse my uneven sized feet. One foot is half a size bigger than the other, this doesn't make them look freakishly out of proportion but it makes shoe buying difficult. Anyhoo I found some pretty nice ones, as seen in photo below, they were very reasonable too.

Now for the actual wedding day, firstly the weather was beautiful which is always a great sign. The sister and I arrived early in the morning to get our hair done at the salon near to Emma's dads house. They were great at the salon and even without a trial did a great job on all of us. Then it was back to Emma's dads were the make up artist was waiting for us, also the videographer. Yep from that moment on our every move was captured on video, well not every move but quite a bit! As the finishing touches were done to the sister and I, Emma's mum got Emma into the dress. She looked abosolutely fantastic, I knew she was going to look nice, but all together she really looked beautiful. Something was amiss, surely the bridesmaid are meant to dressed before the bride! Much madness ensued as magic pants were pulled on and boob tape was applied.
The rest of the day was lovely, I 'forgot' about being filmed and gritted my teeth through the photographs.
Click on the collage to bigify if you dare!
There you got some bloody pictures, maybe not the ones you wanted but at least it some. The one in the middle is me at the end of the day, so the make up is worn off and I am tired. I may post more if any half decent ones crop up from other peoples cameras.


  1. My favorite kind of magic pants are the ones that disappear when I wave my wand.

  2. The one that makes the magic happen.

  3. @.45 now that is another doodle in the making :)

  4. It would surely be something in the making.

  5. Holy Crap-oly! I can't help but think that the melting eye pic was for my benefit and i must say, I LOVE it!!!! The tier was very pretty too... fitting for a princess?? Anyhoo, I hear Spanks serve wonderful as magic pants but I have not had the pleasure and as for defuzzing, I myself call it "dehairing" but it just might be a southern thing... and no I don't chew pine straw but I know a few people that do....

    So I'm glad you had fun! And on a side note, how's the mum?? My thoughts are with her.

  6. Hardly. Well, maybe online.

  7. @petra, Yep the melting eye pic was actually for you! I thought you would like that.
    A princess I am not :)
    Spanks sound kinda kinky, which is not at all fitting for 'magic pants'. They are more like 'Anti Spanks'. I have not heard it called dehairing before, are you sure you don't chew straw?

    The mum is doing well, I will know more tomorrow when the surgeon has been back to check on her progress. Thanks for asking!

    @.45, so you are easy? slut.

  8. omg ... lmao...that doodle is priceless.

    Glad the day went well...except for the bloody stumps, sore neck, etc :)

  9. Love the shoes. Sounds like the getting ready process was not all that fun. I'm glad you were a good sport Red. I knew you would be. Thanks for sharing. I love your melting face picture. Have a great day. Big hug. :)

  10. The photo collage is beautiful, but I think these comments are a bit too X Rated for my virgin eyes.

    Tee hee hee...

  11. You should have went into hypnotism school, those awesome peepers you got would have done you well in that field. got some other great photos as well. :)

    Oh and I did a doodle too, finally I know. It's featured at the end of my youtube vid I just posted on my blog. :)

  12. Gorgeous photo, as always. Almost distracts from the thought that you're a weird-footed freak. Almost.

  13. The doodle and photos make me feel like I was at the wedding.

    Thanks for sharing. Hope the feet are feeling better soon.

  14. @drowsey, I think it is a rather accurate portrayal of the day. There were lots of jokes to be made within the doodle. The neck is still killing, but feet are fine now :)

    @.45, prude or I prefer Saint Claire.

    @sandee, I was sooo lucky finding those shoes considering I left it so late. Getting ready was not fun at all, too much pressure. Loved getting my hair done but dressing up is not my thing. Glad you liked the picture :)

    @Tisha, aww thanks and erm how many kids do you have or are having! virgin me arse!

    @Olga, aww thanks are they all my own!

    @Chica, funny you should say that, I will be doing hypnotherapy next year. I hardly had time to take any photos was much pissed off about that, but I didn't have the time. I will check out the doodle later, at last :)

    @mark, Thanks! But I am not weird footed you can hardly tell :(

    @da old man, I am made up you felt some of the atmosphere :)

    The feet feel better already :)

  15. I think the hypnotic eyes come from drinking all those kittens - they look almost feline ...

    Anyway, glad you had a great time and the pictures are gorg. What with the boob tape, Spanx, dying, waxing, and painful shoes, it sounds like just another day in So Cal, you're ready for Hollywood baby.

  16. Great summary of the run-up and the wedding, like the photos too but I want to see your dress and your shoes!

    PS How's your Mum?

  17. @melissa, so I have turned into a giant pussy? Okay that sounded very wrong. I am not drinking kittens any more!
    I am ready to be an extra in a sci-fi or horror movie :)

    @Akelamalu, the shoes are in the collage and the sister is wearing the same dress. I looked like the doodle, is that good enough?

    The mum is doing great I will be doing a mum update soon.

  18. Weddings are fun "Boom boom with the brides maids" name that movie! Good post Claire. Although I am disappointed I didn't see you wearing pasties (title mislead me!)

  19. @regretful, it's time for me to boom-boom with the bridesmaids, Finch-fucker. 'Cause I'm gonna hang out with my wang out, and rock out with my cock out.


    When you post a picture of yourself wearing pasties,I will post a picture of me wearing some.

    Only the perverted get mislead :)

  20. Looks like you clean up right nicely!

  21. @jillian, have you been practising your british speak?

    Thank you :)

  22. "My favorite kind of magic pants are the ones that disappear when I wave my wand."

    "which wand is that?"

    "The one that makes the magic happen."

    Heh. I'm get to do that when calling the numbers at the senior bingo hall every Thursday.

  23. @qelqoth, I would love to see video footage of you as a bingo caller :)