3 Jun 2008

I am stuck!

“I am like a book, with pages that have stuck together for want of use: my mind needs unpacking and the truths stored within must be turned over from time to time, to be ready when occasion demands”

Seneca (Roman philosopher, mid-1st century AD)

Okay I am not as deep as that quote, but I thought I would be safe from copyright infringement by posting a Seneca quote. He has been dead a long long time and his name unfortunately reminds me of a product used to aid good bowel movements. Which is a handy coincidence, as my mind feels rather constipated at the moment, if a mind can in fact be described as constipated.
Think "Seneca the philosophical laxative"

Just in case your worried, I am not trapped in a basement, down a well, or anywhere like that with a surprisingly good wifi connection. I am stuck in my own crappy mindset and that is a scary place, especially for me!
The thing about mental goo/feeling stuck is, it may be crap, but it is at times like a comfort blanket. Albeit a gross comfort blanket if it looks like the mental goo depicted in my doodle. The mental goo and I are old old buddies, but I am afraid it is time for it to go! I suppose that means I am not as stuck as I thought I was, its just bloody hard work to change habits of a lifetime.

The mum goes into hospital tomorrow and the operation will be on Thursday. The wedding in which I am a bridesmaid is on Friday and then I will probably be unconscious for a few days. Well actually I will be doing college work, so I will have to reanimate my corpse once again to get stuff done.

So excuse me while I do battle with the mental goo, I will be about, but maybe not as much.


  1. sending a prayer for the cupboard monster red, and one for you too while i'm at it...

    smiles, bee

  2. I'll be sending out positive thoughts for your mum! :)

    And I hope the wedding goes well too.

  3. Before sending me off to the world, my mommy said two things:

    1. Never mess with a Sicilian.
    2. Never quote Roman Philosophers without the written approval of their estate.

    You might as well mess with Sicilians now. You have nothing to lose.

  4. I've had my share of mentally gooey moments, and the wonderful thing about them is that they always clear up in due time ... especially if you relax and let things take their course.

    Best of luck to your mum, and have a great time at the wedding. We'll all be here anxiously awaiting your next post, doodle and pics :).

  5. I know the exact mindset ... well. The good thing is, you're seeing it for what it is. The better thing is, when these things pass you'll be like, "What the hell was I going on about for?"

    BTW, I hope your Mum asked for a longer leg if she's a midget; but then, she'd probably fall over a lot.

  6. Keeping you and your mum in my thoughts and prayers.
    And I hope you don't get tooooo drunk at the wedding and do somthing stoopid like expose your boobies or anything...but if you do then at least get some good pictures...OK? I will be seeing you SOON!!!!
    Hi Willie!!!

  7. Bust those cycles:

  8. The mum will make it through just fine, the wedding will be a blast, and being unconscious for a few days while doing college work sounds like a darn miracle to me. All will be well Claire, just get some sunshine for the mental goo to evaporate. :)

  9. Good luck with the corpse reanimation. That should help clear the guck out of your mind too. Seems it would be like rebooting a computer. Though the reformat would clear out more. Maybe you just need a good reformatting and not a laxative at all.

  10. Like many other gooey things in life, this too shall pass. Sending positive vibes to you and your family. *e-hugs*

  11. My thoughts and prayers are with your mum!

  12. How would you counsel someone in your predicament? Practice counselling yourself in front of a mirror. Naked. And film it please.

  13. I'm not sure which is more distressing for you - your mum going into hospital to become a bionic woman or having to be a bridesmaid! They are both equally terrorizing and stressful so it's no wonder you're stuck in a vat of mental goo.

    Best of luck on all counts and I sincerely hope that the operation goes better than expected for the cupboard monster. &hearts

  14. I hope the op and the wedding go well, I'll be thinking of your Mum and your sister (and you). xx

  15. It will all work out. The goo will dissipate.

    BTW, if anyone from Seneca's estate gives you any trouble, let me know. I'm Sicilian and could "make your problem go away."

  16. @empress bee, Thank you! I really appreciate it and so does the mum/cupboard monster.

    @Drowsey, cheers! I will update about the mum when I know tomorrow and I will update about the wedding when i am alive on Saturday.

    @people in the sun, I am safe I don't have six fingers, Thanks for quoting one of my favourite films! :)

    @franscud, I wish I had time to relax but I don't! I know it will evaporate eventually, just wish it would hurry up :)
    Thank you for the luck it means a lot and I will try to have fun at the wedding, there will be wine :)

    @.45, I love your insight (really) and I already wonder what the hell am I on about :) The leg is already shorter as they have hacked off a lot on the inside on the last operation. So any lengthening would be an improvement. She will still be a midget though :)

    @Olga, The mum and I thank you. I will hopefully keep the boobs in check, but it is a halter neck style dress and accidents can and do happen :)
    Looking forward to the visit, so is Willy :)

    @thriftcriminal, I love that guy! He is rather fit! woot :)
    Thanks for the smile :)

    @chica, thought about being a counsellor? You would be great! I shall sit in the sun tomorrow and try to chillax for a few hours. I may even photograph a plastic bag blowing in the wind :)

    @laura, I definitely need a reboot, but a laxative wouldn't hurt either :)

    @ginger m, I appreciate the vibes! :)

    @regretful morning, I thought you were always a miserable bugger, you have surprised me! You really did hook up with the hottie :)
    Thank you for the thoughts, it was really nice of you to comment :)

    @Mark, wow! I feel better already. You have an uncanny knack of making me laugh, so thanks! :)

    @Linda, is it bad to be more bothered about being a bridesmaid? lol. No cyber hug? how mean!

    The cupboard monster thanks you!

  17. @akelamalu, Thank you! Everyone is being so nice, I may start to cry in a mo.


    @da old man, awww cheers!

    I appreciate the offer :)

  18. Mental goo really sucks! I am usually the happiest person on earth--actually to the point where it gets to other people. However, once in a while--once in a GREAT while--I get the mental goo.

    What I do is go for a hike up in the hills all by myself and talk to lizards. Hehe! I'm SERIOUS. Maybe you could go talk to a llama or something. :)

    Anyway, I hope you get feeling better.

  19. I hope all goes well with your mom. And don't feel bad about the mental goo...we're all there at some point or another. You'll come out of it just fine!

  20. I'm sending good thoughts your way, Claire.

  21. @dead rooster, yep it definitely sucks indeed. I would love to go hiking but I haven't the time till the weekend when I may find a hill to climb :)

    I feel better already, especially with all these lovely comments.

    @Jamie, Thanks, its nice to read that :)

    @tisha, thank you tish! :)

  22. I love your description of a constipated mind. I wish you a speedy flushing of the mental goo. At least your sense of humor serves you well and rises above the heavy cloak of mind goo.

    I find watching a dicey Sarah Silverman video unclogs my head rather nicely, along with crushing Eucalyptus leaves and drinking beer. Cheers!

    Also thanks for participating in my "ends" discussion at BC. That was fun!

  23. Hope the wedding has helped bust through the goo. I also hope your Mum is better. You know, your Doodle Week was what I needed to shoot through my own mental goo. It was something creative and different so I have you to thank for that. As A matter of fact, I've carried on with doodles beyond DW!

    Anyway, best wishes!

  24. @vivienne, Ever since I began reading your site I have listened more intently to other peoples conversations, I love the way that you describe them :)

    My sense of humour does indeed serve me well, its my strongest defense mechanism as well as strongest coping mechanism :)

    The 'ends' discussion was a great idea, I should have another by the end of the day :)

    @dale, The wedding has helped bust through it a bit, it was a lovely day and to be honest its a relief its over with now! The mum is doing pretty well so far.

    The Doodle Week turned into a bit of a monster for me, but has made me more and more interested in doodling. I absolutely loved your doodles and was made up that you played along. Having a creative outlet to do battle with the goo is an excellent thing :)