5 Jun 2008

Operational procedure: Classified

The mum is in theatre at the moment, so far she has been for three hours at this time.

I am off to get my bridesmaid shoes and then to the hospital to visit.

This post will not self destruct it will be updated when I get back...

Thanks for all the lovely comments and messages from everyone!


The mum is out of surgery and looking okay, will update the update in a bit :)


  1. Sending good thoughts and prayers for your mum. Big hug to you too. :)

  2. I'm thinking positive thoughts for both you and your mum.

  3. Hugs to you and your mum Claire. I would be a nervous wreck! Here is to a fast and strong recovery. :)

  4. Waiting for the good news - I know it will be! xx

  5. I'm praying for your mum's successful op and fast recovery. And Claire, you be strong for her, ok? I know you're all that and more. xoxo

  6. I love your mental goo pic and your theory on mind constipation. Sadly I suffer from these afflictions myself. BTW, what is your hourly charge???

    Anyhoo, so glad to hear your mum pulled through the surgery well. Hopefully it will be all downhill from here and she will be feeling better in no time.

    As far as the wedding goes, don't trip, stay sober long enough for the bouquet toss, pick up some hot groomsmen, then go for it!

    Oh and then come give us details. I have to live vicariously through someone, so you may as well be it. :-)

  7. Glad to hear that so far everything is going as it should and that your mum made it through surgery safely!

  8. *The Eagle Has Landed!*

    I still have my straps crossed for good luck - for the both of ya!

  9. PS: Ihave something for you on my blog!

  10. It's good to hear she made it out!

    Of course when you say "theatre" I'm thinking of where you see plays and musicals. And for a split second I was wondering why you'd go see a play right after surgery. Is that a Brit thing?

  11. @sandee,The thoughts and prayers were appreciated by me and the mum :)

    @hayley, The positive thoughts did me the world of good, thank you!

    @melissa, Aww thanks for the hugs, I should be use to it by now but I am not :) So far so good!

    @akelamalu, so far it is good news! Thank you for your kind thoughts, I really really appreciate it :)

    @ginger, The operation went well and its the mums positivity that makes us all strong :)

    @ladybanana, Thank you! It seems to have gone rather well.

    @petra, The mental goo has had its hold on me for a long time, as both a pain in the arse and a comfort blanket. The first step is admitting it, the hard part is doing something about it! I have no answers yet! I work for free until I am qualified and for friends always free:)
    Isn't downhill a bad thing? lol!
    No bouquet toss or hot groomsmen :(

    Will be posting about wedding sometime today :)

    @linda, Thanks lindy loo :)

    @michelle,Cheers! and thanks for commenting, all the comments have meant a lot :)

    @olga, Woot! I am glad to hear that 'it' has landed :)

    I will hop over some time today :)

    @Jillian, Thanks Jilly Willy!

    Do you not still say operating theatre in the US? I guess you say operating room or just surgery?

    I am just use to saying theatre, never thought it about it before. I have probably confused more than one of you lot from the US then :)

    Thank you EVERYONE!