22 Jun 2008

Its a British Invasion.....

A while back I wrote this post Coming to America, about me crossing the pond to visit some of the chums that I have made through blogging. I don't like calling them online chums, because that makes them sound like they are not real and I don't want people thinking I have imaginary friends again.

Well the flights are now booked!
Doodle Claire has even got dressed up for the occasion.
(On a side note this version of Doodle Claire is influenced by the books of Christopher Hart.)

So from the 2nd of September till the 25th, I will be stateside with the East Coast massive.
The schedule/itinerary looks something like this:
2nd: Land in Boston
3rd-7th: Boston
8th-12th: Norwich,Connecticut.
13th-20th:Rhode Island
25th: Home

I know I have disappointed a lot of people by not travelling across the whole of the country and seeing you all, but I just can't! I am really gutted that I can't meet up with some of you, especially you, you and you.

Who else can I try and meet up with? This is not an open call like American Idol auditions, although feel free to sing/dance/embarrass yourself. I am just wondering if there are any other of my blog chums that would like to meet up for a coffee/pint? Apart from the week in Rhode Island my schedule is pretty flexible and I don't mind hopping on the train/bus whatever.

I will be posting more about this subject, as I have lots of questions to bother people about.
Like should I wear a Fanny pack?

PS: Yes I am planning on going to New York! I said my schedule was flexible and was just listing the places I am most likely to be sleeping, your a tough crowd.

Update: It looks like I may of procured my first New York victim, only after I promised them I was not an axe murderer. Who? me? never.


  1. snazzy doodle! Will you be wearing the boobie stars while in the US? LOL Well, darn, I'm not near any of those places, but I hope you have a lot of fun ... I'm sure you will :) You bringing willey with you? I'd love to see you explain him to the guards at the border.

  2. c0ol Trip - Lucky Vous*

    will U be stopping in Gander Newfoundland to hang a Poop on us Second Class Canadian Citizens b4 U Conquer America??


  3. I'm changing the tail end of your trip.

    20th-25th: Austin
    26th-29th: Boston
    30th: Home

  4. You shouldn't wear a fanny pack, but garter packs are hot, especially when they sheath knives.

    You should also carry a taser in case you're approached by any yuppies. There aren't many in Boston, but tasers are equally effective on Republicans.

  5. Alas, Chicago is a long way to travel for a pint or coffee. Maybe you can arrange a blogger teleconference so we non-nor'easters can raise a glass and feel equally special.

  6. Wow, Coming-to-America Claire is very pretty! Red white and blue looks good on her. :D

  7. (delurking)

    A trip to America and no New York?! Oh, and there's no reason anyone should spend an entire week in Rhode Island - not even the people who live there ;)

    I kid, I kid...

  8. Exactly what I was thinking. No New York? WTH is up with that?

    You do realize this is the last year for Yankee Stadium, right? Top sports mecca in the world? Opportunity of a lifetime and all that.

  9. You'll be in Boston on the 7th September (my birthday) and the 21st, Patriots playing at home both days in nearby Gillette Stadium. See if you can scalp a ticket, get in, and get me some souvenirs. Or streak, which I'll count as the best birthday gift ever so long as it's captured on TV.

  10. Oooh what fun. I haven't been to that part of the States yet.

    I'll have just got back from the UK, I am going back home for 3 weeks :) Woo Hoo!

  11. NO! You must travel all the way down to Texas to come see me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Monique. Let's join forces and become Claire's "Texas Lobby."

  13. That's a great trip you've got planned Claire.:)

  14. @Drowsey, Love the usage of snazzy, glad you think so. You never know I might just wear the stars :) Not sure about willy yet, probably in my suitcase not in hand luggage. That will probably lead to me getting arrested for attempted sausage smuggling :)

    @Billy, Sorry no Canada this year, but a Canadian is coming along does that count?

    @Raymond, alas no can do. Lack of money and college prevents it.

    @.45, Hmm I wonder what else I could carry in a garter pack, great tip :) Would I be allowed to purchase a taser?

    @franscud, I will no doubt be blogging stateside, I haven't decided what medium to use whilst actually travelling as I am unsure about mobile phone usage. Keep your eyes on twitter though.

    @Ginger-M, I may have made Doodle Claire a little too hot in this one, I don't want to create a false impression of the real Claire :)

    @Lady Banana, I am lucky I know :)

    @Melanie, Welcome and hooray for delurking :) Have I been tricked into going to Rhode Island and its really a bum hole? :0

    I am planning on going to New York :)

    @Da Old Joe, I am planning on New York just not sure who with and where to go yet :)

    @Mark, I shall have a pint in your honour but I will not be watching NFL, unless it happens to be on in a sports bar or something. I will see if I cam find some mouldy used tickets on the floor after the match :)

    @Caroline, you spending all three weeks reet up north? Maybe we can meet up somewhere in the middle?

    @Monique, I am crossing a ocean, you should come to where I am at :)

    @Raymond, read answer up there :)

    @Akelamalu, I am soooooooooooooooo excited about it.

  15. Yay, CRPitt stateside!

    Hi, new here, but I've been reading the last few posts since stumbling over here from wherever it was prior. Have fun in New England!

  16. You should absolutely NOT wear a fanny pack. I LOVE Boston, I think you will too. I've been to Maine and Vermont as well, both are gorgeous. can I live vicariously through you? I won't be a bother, promise! LOL

  17. @redbeard, America might not be ready for me taking the piss, not thats taking the piss, not taking a piss :)
    All newbies are welcome here, I hope you come back.

    @Chica, Are you really sure I shouldn't? I thought that was all the rage in the USA? where does one carry their money? Is Maine and Vermont nearby? I have no clue. Of course you can vicariously through me, as long as you don't delete my energy source like a parasitic space creature :)

  18. I can vouch for Vermont obviously. Maine's nice too, if crowded beaches are your sort of thing!

    As uptight as America is sometimes, we do also have our share of smart-asses (maybe not as much as Canada but I think it's something genetically inherent - it takes a certain je ne sais quoi to endure the bitter cold winters), so no worries about you taking the mickey. ;o)

  19. 'Hands across the water, water
    Hands across the sky".
    Notice where the stars are?

  20. I am heartbroken that you will not be visiting the AZ. Desert & me but I'll try to understand & get over it...and I still hope you have a great time.

  21. If anything I'd give ya energy, my energy is on ready tap. Even have a reserve! hehe. Maine and Vermont are the states right next to Massachusetts, where of course Boston is.

  22. Don't forget New Hampshire! You actually have to go through NH a little ways to get to Maine.

    Yes, I'm a geography geek, what of it?

    (I'm less than 4 hours from Boston! Was just there last month, had a lovely time.)

  23. I just CAN'T BELIEVE you are not visiting the west coast! All the cool people are out here!

    What about Hollywood?
    What about Vegas?
    What about all the great beaches?
    What about me!!!!

    What is WRONG with you!

  24. I'm really disappointed you are not coming up here to Ontario. I shall never speak to you again. From now on I will only email, comment and doodle to you. So there!

  25. @redbeard, beaches are nice but not crowded ones. I shall look forward to testing out how smart your asses are :)

    @Mo, what tune is that meant to be? I am supposed to know it?

    @trukindog, I am sure your heart will get over it. I am not built for deserts, I would melt :)

    @Chica, dump the kids and hop on a train! Thanks for the wee geography lesson I need it! :)

    @redbeard, yep your a geography geek, but its a very handy thing to be geeky over :)
    What was your favourite thing in Boston to do?

    @deadrooster, My budget and time does not stretch that far this visit, maybe next year :)

    Also you dance the dance spastic spider dance :)

  26. @laura, You lot are very demanding! Canada or the West Coast next year. I wonder who will win?

  27. In Boston, I like to throw loads of tea into the harbor. (Joking!) But the history is fantastic there, such a historic town everywhere you go just about.

    Walking the Freedom Trail is a must which covers most of the points from the Revolutionary days (Boston Massacre, Bunker Hill, Paul Revere's House, Old North Church, etc.)

    The aquarium there is very nice, just adjacent to an IMAX theatre to boot. Shopping in Quincy (pronounced quin-zee) market is always pleasurable.

    Loads of museums, parks, universities everywhere. Whale watching boat tours and the "duck boat tour" are also tourist faves.

    Be sure to take loads of photos of Willy!

  28. Will you be waving Willy so everyone will recognize you. I am decidedly jealous of the East Coast contingent.

    If the monetary exchange keeps going in your favor, you might consider a West Coast exclusive at a later date.

  29. A small Commercial for next year's trip:


  30. Good God Almighty but you seem to be disappointing a lot of people by not making this a tour worthy of crossing the entirety of the country! I get the distinct feeling that this shall not be your last visit Stateside as long as all of your fans here have their way!

    Now, as for Rhode Island, the beaches are lovely and I don't believe that you will be too overly disappointed. Besides, aren't you mostly going there for the sparkling company and opportunity to spend a week with some fantastic bloggers - one who happens to be a damned fine chef?!? The rest of Rhode Island can go pound sand - you're only there for a piece of it!

    SO looking forward to your visit!!

  31. @redbeard, What a horrendous waste of tea :( lol. Great tips, I will look up those places and make a list. Not sure if willy is gonna make this trip yet.

    @jamie, Hmm I am not if Willy be accompanying me, let alone waving. Is America ready for willy? I am seriously considering a west coast trip next year, but I have had my heart set on Canada for a long time, so its a touch choice. Those pictures make it harder!

    @Linda, I know they are giving me a hard time, but not giving any cold hard cash for this adventure, the buggers :)

    I shall see how this trip goes first, but I have a sneaky feeling you may be right :)

    I know I wont be disappointed at all and its most definitely the company I am going for :)

    I am looking forward to it a LOT more.

  32. You've got a place to shack up in San Diego if you decide to hit the left coast! .45 is only a 2 hour drive as well!

  33. @regretful morning, now there's a dangerous offer. I think I would end up on youtube and your site faster than I don't know what :)

    I don't think I can play on the left coast this year, but next year is looking decidedly tempting.

  34. Come visit the wife and I in Indiana. We'll show ya how to cut a duck's head off and skin the still-shaking torso. Yeeeeeehhhhaaaawwww.

    I know. I'm not quite right.

  35. I know you aren't hitting the west coast this year, but if you ever come to WA state you have another free place to stay. No kidding. I am serious. I think it would be great fun to have you visit my part of the US. Oh, and you can wear a fanny pack here in WA. Also, flannel shirts, Birkies, and sunglasses all on the same day. The rain makes a terrible glare on the roads. LOL

  36. woot! no no no fanny pack, but other than that pack heavy, cause this possessive country plans on keeping you here for a lonnnnggggg time!

  37. 1. NO fanny pack!
    2. Us yanks only wear our patriotic star pasties on the 4th of July.
    3. Can't wait to spend a WHOLE week with you on the beach!

  38. Have a great trip! I'm sorry I moved away from the Northeastern US now...I would've gladly taken the drive to meet you.

  39. deadrooser is dead on! The shocking mistake of visiting the U.S. and going to the East Coast rather than the much more interesting, friendly, beautiful, (insert any number of positive attributes here), West Coast.


  40. @Kelly, Indiana is too far for me this trip, I will have to skin a duck another time :)

    and yes your quite right about being not right :)

    @carol, I think I will have to start planning another trip before I even start this one. Thank you for the offer I may just take you up on that one day :)

    @Deb, Ha, are you sure no fanny pack or should I say bum bag as its known as over here. Its impossible for me to ever pack light, so I should be prepared :)
    Where abouts are you?

    @Mo, 1, just to bother you I will! 2, Hmmm I don't believe it. 3, Me too!

    @Lana, how foolish to move before I visited! We could of gone hiking together.

    @will, The east coast folk won this round I am afraid, the west coast massive were too few at the time of planning. The west coast is planned for the future :)

  41. Boston is my most favorite city in the entire world. It is where I met my awesome hubby, its where I got married, and so many other awesome memories I can't begin to tell you. I would every weekend when I lived in NH, and I do so miss it. I want pictures. And lots of 'em!

  42. oh, and for the record, fanny packs in America are gay - unless you are like 80. (NO I'm not! and no I don't!)

  43. @Petra, Give me some tips then! Also you should come up for a trip at the same time :)

    and me thinks you protest too much!

    16 16 16


  44. kasdgjhaeriugthmngn (thats me not being able to see to type cuz you poked out my other eye!)

    Seriously tho - I would love to come up to Boston. We actually are planning a trip to Maine (that's where his family is) in August - We would fly into Boston, and then rent a car to hit NH to visit old friends. Maybe I could convince him to make it September instead........ hhhmmmm....

  45. @petra, lmao :)

    Let me know asap! So I can tell you what days I have free :)

  46. I guess I'll have to settle for the next trip. I mean, any trip to Canada or the West Coast can easily accommodate a layover in Chicago. :)

  47. @Claire. Canada has a west coast too. So you could do both (Canada's west coast) and still get to Ontario too.

  48. @Hayley, surely you could find an excuse to come and see me? :(

    @Laura, I may need to save up a bit more money for that trip :)

    Or just emigrate :)