25 Jun 2008

First Flower in detail

I thought I would post some other shots of the First flower I photographed with the macro button on my camera.


  1. Very nice!

    You've probably mentioned this before but I'm old and don't remember things well - what kind of camera do you use?

  2. That's a beautiful dahlia! God bless.

  3. What a beautiful flower. Love the color too. Would love to see more. Please stop by and join our Oh Snap - It's Friday meme.

  4. the colours :)

  5. Gorgeous colors, Claire. Ever since you discovered that macro button on your camera there's been no stopping you!


  6. Sweet! I LOVE the macro button! My parents got a new, expensive camera and asked me to come over and show them how to use it. When showing the macro button I took a sample shot of a pen lying across a notepad next to me and it ended up looking really cool with real intense looking depth. They got it printed and put it in the scrapbook. Weirdos.

  7. Brilliant flora, then again, I don't know the difference between a dahlia and a peony. Lovely pink colour even for being in the shade.

  8. A pink dahlia - CallieAnn's favorite flower!

    Sweet pics!

  9. So pretty. I posted a pic of a flower yesterday too :)

    I like the way you took multiple photos at different angles though, and then combined them for your post.

  10. Very lovely! When I first learned about the macro on my camera I became a total macro nut. In the process, I learned that I have a lot more wildflowers & other plants in my yard than I'd thought. Happy snapping!

  11. You really need to teach me how to use my canon sd950 - ps where is the subscribe button on your blog?

  12. Was this in your garden? I have a few Dahlias but they don't do that well after the first year. I was told I needed to dig them up each fall and pack them in sawdust and replant in the spring. Right! I just planted some other flowers like Coreopsis and Lavender that come back well each year without any extra effort from me.

    Nice shots. Happy WW!

  13. @Linda, yep I have mentioned it before old one, tis a canon powershot A630.

    @Sandy, oops I hadn't even realised what it was :) Thanks :)

    @rmgales, Thank you I love the colours too :) I will hop over later.

    @drowsey, I am not usually a pink type of gal, but I love it on this flower.

    @bns, Thanks, yeah the macro button has allowed me to keep on taking photos while I am not out hiking :)

    @gorilla jason, Aww thanks and cute story about the folks, still making mummy and daddy proud of their little soldier eh? lol. I am trying to steal my dads nikon d70, as he never uses it!


    @mo,Oopps I had forgotten that.

    @caroline, Love the rose on your site. It was totally an after thought to post them all together like that, but I am very happy with it.

    @lana,Thanks and you are so right about knowing more about the plants in your own garden than you at first realise :)

    @regretful, practice, practice, practice or send me the camera and once I figure it out I will send it back :) The feed subscribe button is at the top of the left sidebar, how could you miss it (I may or may not of just added it)

    @will, Hey I wasn't even paying attention to the fact that it was a dahlia whoops. This is in my garden but its a new plant so I guess I will be following your advice and will see if they come back next year :) I am going to plant some lavender in somewhere once I have tidied up the place some more :)

  14. Very purtiful!

    DaddyP is abusing me! :O

  15. @Olga, purtiful? Is that a new term? heh.

    It is awful what he is doing to you!

  16. Stop by my blog. I gave you an award.

  17. Huh? Nice big blank spot you left me. ;@) Hitting the gin on a week night?

  18. @jamie, will hop over and see :)

    @redbeard, whoops! I would of never noticed that sorry!

    But I was going to say I hardly know the difference either :)

    I hate gin, vodka on the other hand...

  19. Beautiful pictures! Just found your blog and I am enjoying it!
    Take care

  20. Great shots. I haven't had any dahlias in my yard in a while. Very pretty!

  21. oooh, that's postcard material right there.

    Beautiful pictures.

  22. Purtiful = purty + bee-yoo-tiful. It's an Olga-ism. Not to be confused with an orga-sm.

  23. Hi. I really liked your first flour. It is so hard to bake with last flour, don't you think? Ummm. Do you think Linda REALLY cares what kind of camera you use? - Because she seemed somewhat insincere to me. Like she was just trying to think of something nice to say. I think I will go ask her now and see if she remembers what you said, just as a test, ok?



    Oh. That's very different.

    Never mind.

  24. @sara g, Welcome to my blog! glad you like it, if I don't pop over soon come back and remind me :)

    @2sweetnsaxy, this is the first time I have had them, they are lovely flowers :)

    @monique, aww thanks :)

    @Olga, I love the term Olga-ism, Here is to many more, cheers!

    @candy girl, I would like to think Linda is sincere, but she is kind of sneaky :)

  25. Love the color of this Dahlia.
    Bumblebees love these dahlia's, also Monarch butterflies.
    Sometimes I get a carpet of them in a very peculiar spot
    of the garden.
    It's weird, I don't know why they love that spot
    but they make it a point to go there.
    I haven't seen many Monarch's lately or as many bees
    as I use to get in the garden.
    I know we now have a shortage of bees
    and this really sucks for a garden.

  26. @jeunelle, Your comment has just reminded that I haven't seen many butterflies at all this year. I am going to keep an eye out now.

    Thanks for commenting :)