12 Jun 2008

Killer monster moths and a mum update.

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The weather has been a little too hot for my liking lately, so I have been forced to sleep with the windows open. What about air conditioning otherwise known as AC? I live in England, we don't have it, so opening the window is AC. Too be fair its only hot enough for AC about 5 days a year if your lucky.
This is not usually a problem apart from possibility of perverts trying to climb in and the over zealous singing of birds in the morning, I just wish they would shurrup sometimes. What is a problem is the ruddy moths! They just love the eerie glow of the computer screen, so attack me when I am at the computer. By attack I mean fly at my head and try to mothomise me, I have no idea what mothomise is, but its not good. Its bad enough that they attack me by the computer but then they follow me to bed. I always read before sleep, so I have a bedside reading lamp. I think I will have to rename it the 'shining beacon of doom', as they love it. There I am all snugly in bed, reading whatever I happened to be reading and whoosh a winged beast whizzes past my ear. I am trying to do my bit for the environment by using an energy efficient bulb, but the moths go crazy for it and its very annoying. I had thought about using candles to read by, but that's no good either! Moths to flame, meh.
I cant kill them either, that would be mean and hordes of evil killer moths would come to avenge their murdered brethren.
Why don't I have a screen? Lets go back to the bit about me living in England, we don't have them. So basically I will just do the British thing and continue to complain about it.

What about the mum? I showed her the doodles and she loved them, but alas they had already removed the bag 'o' piss, therefore the doodles were not as funny. I sometimes curse the healing powers of the mum.
The doctors are very pleased with her progress, so pleased in fact that she might be out this weekend. She has taken a few steps using the zimmer/walking frame and can quite happily whizz about in the wheels of steel. The physios and surgeons are both in agreement that the sooner she is out of hospital, away from infection, the better it will be for her. I should know more after my visit tonight.

Oh and don't forget to think of a caption for the post below!


  1. Glad she's improving so quickly.

  2. Fight the mothomization! Good to hear your mom is improving. :)

  3. I like the loving detail done on your manslave picture. He's quite buff for a cartoon...

    Or possibly I just need to get out more. :)

    Here's rooting on The Mum and her good progress. PS-- the Bag o' Piss drawings were extremely funny. Wrong. But funny. The combination of Funny Plus Wrong seems to be part of what makes me HAVE to stop by. :)

  4. Glad your mum is doing so well. Sorry her bag 'o' piss is gone though. You were having lots of fun with that.

    Get a screen Red. England or not. It will keep those bloody moths at bay. Have a great day. :)

  5. So happy to hear she's recovering nicely! :-)

    And I stick with my first analysis of shit flies! hehe

  6. Great news about your Mum :)

  7. It's great to hear your mum is doing well!

    I gather you have no screens on your windows! I had to close my window this morning when those evil winged creatures started squawking..... at 4:30 in the morning..

  8. Glad to hear the Mum is doing well. Must be a weird feeling though, to look down and not see everything where it always was.

  9. Glad to hear about your mother...

    but what to you Brits have against screens???

  10. @da old man, Thanks your such a sweetie :)

    @lana, excellent usage of mothomization! I like you style :)
    and I think I will steal that.

    @jenn, The devil is in the detail and if I have one he has to be buff (I definitely need to get out more).

    Funny and wrong sum me up rather well.

    Thanks for all the lovely things you have said in regards to the mum :)

    @sandee, erm I hope you didn't think I was having too much fun with the bag 'o' piss, I am not quite that mad :)

    @kai, your banned from this blog, eh?

    @akelamalu, thanks! I am sooo surprised with how well she is doing :)

    @michelle,Aww thanks Michelle :) squawking at 4:30 is not good at all!

    @laura, well her legs look more normal now than they have done for ages, all the work is on the inside as there is very little bone left. She said its weird feeling her leg and hip actually attached as they have been separated for so long.

  11. @silver, thank you!

    I have no idea why we don't have screens over here, we certainly have enough insects to warrant them!

  12. No AC, no window screens?
    What the hell kind of barbaric country do you live in, Red?
    I'm surprised they haven't put leeches on your mum!


  13. Wow, that is a pretty colorful moth.

    Maybe this is God's way of telling you not to read?

  14. @Mo, save me from this place Mo! Hey I wouldn't put it past them to try that with the mum. One time she was in, they put maggots in the leg of the lady next to her.

    @Steve, You were meant to say 'Shit that moth is fucking terrifying!'

    I think if it were the Moth Wrath of God it would stopping me from doing other things as well. Thank fook I don't believe in him or jebus :)

  15. I have tons of little itty bitty flying gnats flying around bugging my computer screen....and I have AC! Where do they come from? I DONT KNOW!!! WTF?!?

    Glad mum is on the mend! Schools almost over, eh??? Any plans after that??? Hmmmmm??????

  16. Good news about your mom. Yay :)

    As for the moths. Soap, maybe? :P

  17. Glad to hear Mums doing well darlin, as for the moths fowllowing you to bed...who can blame them?

    and no I'm not in jail.

  18. Moths also annoy the piss outta me, especially when I'm trying to concentrate and one of them is flapping around near the laptop screen.

    I try flicking them away to no avail, then I try a rolled up newspaper to act as a makeshift fly-swatter. Still nothing.

    The only thing that actually works is a can of the wife's hairspray and a disposable lighter. Come on you slags!

  19. I can do you a good deal on mothballs. Five metric tons of them at cost. I'm cutting my own throat here. Decorate your home with them and wear a few to bed for a moth-free experience.

  20. Great news about your mum. Wishing her a continued happy recovery.

    As for the screen thing. Ick. We didn't need screens when we lived in San Francsico, and it freaked me out to sleep with the windows open. It felt strange having this wide open hole in the house that anything could come through. The screen offered at least a psychological barrier. :)

  21. Sorry about the moths - glad about the mum!

    Oh, and you kicked my boot in our last Scramble game - ouch!

  22. @olga, maybe a look at your personal hygeine? you have been spotted with a few strange folks lately!

    @drowsey, thanks :)
    I use soap, you can see my brand posing with willy. Maybe they just love my dove smell?

    @trukindog, thanks about the mum. The moths are not invited, I am very particular about what flies in my face. Glad to hear you escaped from jail :)

    @qelqoth, I bet the wife gets pissed off when she finds out my have used all her hair spray. I cant kill the beasts, I have been know to jump about trying to catch them and then chuck them out the window.

    @mark, mothballs are so stinky, I know that's the point of them, but yuck. Thanks for your o so generous offer though :)

    @hayley, thanks hayley! :)

    I like the windows open, but why do things have to fly in uninvited, its so damn rude! heh :)

    @linda, Thanks lindy loo! :)

    and yes I did! I love that game :)

  23. Holy shit - no AC??? Here in the south we have already had several days verging 100 degrees with the heat index well over 100. Life without AC here means people die from heat stroke. In the rare event you did open a window, if there were no screens, mosquitoes (due to the humidity levels) would eat us alive and quite frankly, I think it would hurt.

    On a happier note, I am glad to hear your mum is faring well. Damn her tho for healing quite so quickly and messing up the potential for some really cool doodles. At least you still have your man slave who looks willing enough.......

  24. @petra, holy shit indeed! Although I doubt the temperature will ever get over 75 on a good day over here :)

    I hate mosquitoes and their smaller evil cousins known as 'midges' over here.

    I am sure the mum will provide other sources of inspiration, if not the man slave will have to work harder :)

  25. Maybe I should borrow your Dove?
    And Willy?

  26. @olga, okay that made me roflmao :)

    The dove is available in all good/bad shops, but willy is all mine. I don't like sharing.

    Also that hasn't kept the moths off me, the flying fuckers!