20 Jul 2008

Doodle Claire's Body

Oh noes Doodle Week has come to an end! Not that it means the end of doodling for me, hopefully you lot will continue to doodle to.
I definitely think Doodle Olga and Willy  will be appearing again, god knows what they will get up to next.

For more doodle boobs


  1. You have black nips? How odd...

  2. Leave it to Claire to have a nipple ring. OR bar as the case may be. I have my own share of tats so I can't pick on you for that one.....

  3. @Erika, heh I definitely think Olga would say that :)

    @Redbeard76, erm its Doodle Claire, not me! She had ink running through her veins.

    @Petra, you mean leave it to Doodle Claire, not Claire. Its not really me.


  4. Willy is a little over exicted down there isn't he?

  5. It's true!....mine is the BREAST JOB in the world!
    I love it and I love Claire too!
    I mean, Doodle Claire. (Like there's a difference!)

  6. There's always a price to pay ...... it's called the bar bill.

    Nice undercrackers .............

    [Thanks for a fun week Claire]

  7. Sometimes bad is very good. I miss doodle week already :(.

  8. You win the boob off LOL. Hey, Olga looks happy, how'd you draw her looking happy? Very cool :)

    Well, I could have done without knowing about the nip bar ... lol ... but I'll get over it. (ouchie).

    Loved doodle week & all your doodles :) Next time should be around Halloween or Xmas? That could be fun ...

  9. Nice tats but the bar sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it.

  10. It's Rath Yatra in India which I believe just may be Hindustani for Doodle Week

    Rath Yatra Elephant

  11. @jh an Mickey Mantle, lol that good eh? :)

    @YummY!, Willy never gets too excited, he is non sex toy doodle :)

    @Olga, the Traveling Bra, hey there is a difference, although we have both worn versions of you :)

    @Daddy Papersurfer, price for what? huh?
    They are my favourite undercrackers, I mean doodle claires.

    I am glad you have grudgingly liked it :)

    @franscud, heh I think you are right :) Doodle Week will never be far away :)

    @Drowsey Monkey, WOOT! I knew I would win, even though I totally forgot about it! lol!
    It didn't hurt Doodle Claire, but one would imagine it really really hurt then felt nice :)

    Your participation in Doodle Week has been most excellent! and your spookily close :)

    @Mark, bad or good shivers? lol :)

    @Jamie, that was a cool piece of info and that elephant looks very interesting indeed.

  12. Um, does doodle claire have a piercing?

  13. Her breast/belly piercings look like a face winking at me. Doodle Claire is one tough cookie!

  14. Doodle Claire is quite the exhibitionist! :) Also, the first person I've seen whose nipples and bellybutton are identical. :)

  15. Heh heh heh...too funny! Is that a nipple ring?! You should have a belly ring and a chain that hangs down between. *LOL*

  16. I love Olga's job too, but prefer when she's taking a break in a ball on the floor.

  17. Moar epic doodl boobz plz, kthnxbai.

  18. @Monique, she has more than one.

    @Melissa, dont look! she is probably trying to hypnotise you.

    @Jenn Thorson, give a doodler a break, lol :)

    @crazy working mom , a chain would be mad.

    @.45, ;)

    @Qelqoth, I would have to have a good reason for it :)

  19. Is that dragon tattoo?