19 Jul 2008

Doodle Pet

Today's theme has been my favourite so far, I am not sure why.


  1. 3 looks way too eager. Besides the green guy has more available tentacles, think what a great massage he could give.

  2. That's hilarious that you, Laura and myself had the idea of humans as pets... Great minds think alike, yeah?

  3. play....I think no 2... no no 3... no no 2 no 3...

    *lol* have no 2 play with no 3 and ditch no 1


  4. Pet #3 needs a shave. Actually, he needs two shaves.

  5. Bras, bondage. and a red headed dominatrix ... what's not to like?

  6. Lordy be, Claire, NOW I see why you wanted to be called Doodle Master!
    You go, girl!

  7. err...what's that #2 actually? :)

  8. Hey, I see you've wearing my cousin, Spike!

  9. Why have I been chained up? Why am I wearing spectacles on my chest? Why have I got a 'GENTS' sign on my undercrackers? These are questions that need to be answered ..........

  10. you are surely the master or should I say mistress of doodles ......
    Why is EW the only one not smiling?? Ah I know!!! it was 'anonymouses' comment up their.... lol

  11. @Laura, Doodle Claire obviously hasn't been working pet 3 hard enough. Yep pet 1 certainly has his uses.

    @Redbeard76, its hilarious/scary :) At least you know your place in doodle world and I know mine :)

    @MSW, why did you keep signing in anon, I know who you are! Is the government after you? Only I get to play with them, they are not playing together!

    @Mark, I like him like that :)

    @Jamie, heh, its an ideal world :)

    @Mo, I have to have some pets :)

    @Ishat's Fire, Your arty, you should of doodled :)

    @shearyadi, oh dear minus doodle points for not knowing who pet 2 is.

    @Olga, no looking through the censored parts!

    @Daddy Papersurfer, its not you and you are not free to offer up your services, you tease.
    I appreciate the fact that you looked closely, real closely at pet 3 :)

    @70steen, Lol, I think EW is 'pissed' off about yesterdays incident, I am sure he will come around eventually. Although I think anons comment scared him! lol!

  12. hey red, you are getting a bit "whip and chain" on us now? eh? ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  13. Pet 1 is kinda scary, actually! *L*

  14. I thought I was back at evil doodle there for a minute ....

    #3 is very bushy ... lol and neverous looking
    #2 looked pretty upset, so don't expect any fun from him
    #1 looks too eager, but ... eeesh

  15. Hmm. Nice pets you've got there. Can I borrow #3

  16. Claire the Dominatrix! Not surprising that you are studying to be a counselor! And I'll take pet #1 if you don't want him. Extra hands are surely a good thing!

  17. Yes Claire.... the gov may be after me

    Actually, my poor brain deadedness just finds signing in this way way much easier ( but note I have told you who I am)


    In your evil ways... yes these are your subjects ... just wanted to give you some other options *lol*

  18. It's good to be the queen, no?
    p.s. Go with #3, at least he can take you for dinner and a movie.

  19. You are hilarious and your doodles are a joy!

  20. I think Leonard Nimoy needs to do something about his Speedo line. And what happened to your nipple rings from the other one? At least, I hope those were nipple rings.

  21. Hey, I need a pet like the one on the far right. :) Wait a minute...I've got one. *LOL*

  22. @empress bee, some pets need to be showed who is boss :)

    @Lana Gramlich, but he has four tentacles! :)

    @Drowsey Monkey, this isn't evil, just good fun :) enlarge number 3 did you? lol.

    @YummY! I am rather partial to number 3 so no! Pet 1 is easily cloned :)

    @Petra, Dominatrix? I only had those clothes left in the doodle wardrobe. I will clone pet 1 as soon as possible.

    @Anon MSW, Oh noes! Is Olga safe with you?

    @Amazing Gracie, heh all 3 have their uses I am sure, but I suppose Doodle Claire needs to go out sometimes :)

    @Black Cat, Aww thanks! Yours too are most excellent :)

    @.45, They are custom made speedos, feel free to model some so I can doodle better and the other doodles appear above :)

    @crazy working mom, lol! Well you keep getting impregnated by someone :)

    @nobe, hello back :)

    @Da Old Man, only kinda?

  23. I think Doodle Claire and I would be VERY good friends.

  24. Custom made? So when I model some will you be preferring the jungle cut? That's more of a treasure freeway than trail, but stranger things have helped people doodle.

  25. @Da Old Man, hehe watch it.

    @Melissa, I think so :)

    @.45, I like the use of 'when' :)