18 Jul 2008

The downfall of Evil Willy

Doodle Claire was not happy at all to end up in Hell for her vacation, neither was Willy or Olga!
It was time for the thing behind all of this to be taken in hand. Evil Willy needed to be sorted out once and for all, but is Willy hard enough to handle Evil Willy?

Is this really the end of Evil Willy? Do they ever make it out of Hell?


  1. It won't be the end of Evil Willy. There are plenty of creams that can soothe that sort of burning. So I've heard.

  2. Did you ever think to yourself, "One day, I shall have a blog, and I shall spend time drawing dueling Jedi Willies in the brimstoney flames of hell"? :)

  3. Oh no! Did Willy accidentally save Evil Willy by putting out the fires of hell?

  4. Wow just wow. You've really outdone yerself. That burning sensation isn't the flames of hell but The Herps. Not that I know personally. Nope, not me.

    (so many jokes!)

  5. Surely the Holy Waters of Willy will cause the Evil Willy to melt much like the Wicked Witch of the West was vanquished by Dorothy's pail of water! (Not that it was anything like that if you've ever seen Wicked.)

  6. Excellent. Willy is victorious. Evil Willy is consigned to the well deserved flames of hell. Olga doesn't have to lift 16 Tons

  7. Willy! Savior! Hey, singed pubes are a small price to pay for sending Evil Willy back into the depths of Hell! (Or is that just Level 2?) But something tells me, this ain't over yet....

    Great work Claire!!! :)

  8. LOL! The inside of your mind is a scary place! Nice to see Willey in the midst of a golden shower tho ;)

  9. oh geez.... next you will be giving (or getting?) a pearl necklace for Mr. Willy!! Thats MUCH better than a golden shower!

  10. Poor evil Willie. He gets such a bad rap. I kinda like him myself. Have a great weekend Red. :)

  11. LOL ... what more can I say that hasn't been said already .... except you appeared pretty stable when we met ;-) hee hee

    Poor EW... you gotta have some sympathy for him he is a willy obsessed by lovely lingerie!!

  12. So Willy is in continent for his holiday then?

    I bet Olga's cups are full and Evil Willy's false moustache has suddenly washed off and he is revealed as......... da da da!!!!!

  13. Jedi Willy Mind Tricks? *insert giggle snort here*

  14. @Mark, so where did you hear that? :)

    @Jenn, strangely enough I didn't think that I would be doodling Willy's, but in all honesty I am not surprised :)

    @Haley, get out of my mind!

    @Redbeard76, so many jokes? never! This is good clean fun :)

    @Kelly, I am not sure Willy is exactly holy, but I like your thinking :)

    @Jamie, Olga is a big girl, I am sure she could manage it, but she has other things on her mind.

    @Olga, I think we only made it to the outer levels of hell this time, I have a felling you might be right, it aint over yet.

    @Drowsey, You want to see it from my end! heh :) Willy loves a golden shower, so does..........

    @Petra, Willy doesn't wear jewellery, silly. I don't like your use of MUCH in this instance. lol ;)

    @Sandee, Like a bit of Evil Willy do you? heh.

    @70steen, appearance can be deceptive after all :) I may have some sympathy left for him, just a little bit.

    @Daddy P, He was just a bit excited, I am sure you can sympathise with that :)

    Nice plot twist, but no :)

    @Yummy, You have never heard of or used them? Your missing out :)

  15. claire, this is truly amazing!

  16. dang I forgotten about alto ego!!
    Please have some sympathy with EW he has 'fessed over at 70sland

  17. roflmao !!!


  18. Twisted. Definitely twisted.
    You sure you want a career in counseling? The art world will be missing out...

  19. OMG, it's hot in here!!!

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