15 Jul 2008

Lost in space....

What will happen to Olga and who is behind all these attacks?


  1. *LOL* "Brain in wrong place" - a typical hint for a male (alien) *g*

  2. Ah- so aliens are visiting the earth looking for proper garment support!-- A theory not properly explored by our television and film industry...

    Well, not the PG-rated ones, anyway. :)

  3. @Sanni, hehe I could of commented about a throbbing purple organ, but I decided not to! lol :)

    @Jenn, the story is not that simple! Who is that in the spaceship?

  4. hey red, your boobs are out!

    smiles, bee

  5. So ... all it takes is a long appendage to get your bra off and knickers wet?

  6. Oh No! this chaotic. Brain in wrong place. lol

  7. I ate up 'is'..

  8. What's the alien doing with his long ... um, arm?

    And what Mark said, LOL

  9. ahahaha! Just noticed the name of the spaceship! LOL

    Thanks for the bow, makes me look so girly :) Oh wait, that's not a bow it's my brain (?) lol

    And who's kidnapping who there ... evil willey or me ... who's the real evil one? Hmmmm

    So many questions

  10. The doodle brings up plenty of questions while providing so few answers.

  11. HAHAHA...I don't know what's funnier...the Doodle or reading Drowsey's comments! I see the alien Drowsey has a very large head, but not a very large wonder she's confused! :)
    I sure hope you discover the Evil Being behind these attacks!...looks I'm getting all stretched out again! (But you look HOT! As usual.)

  12. I'm sorry - apparently I'm in the wrong place - I was looking for Willy [one of several things that you can't say on Hampstead Heath].

  13. It sure looks like Drowsey Monkey might be the mastermind behind all these shenanigans.

    Claire, you're going to have to forget modesty and fight back with both hands! Olga must be saved!


  14. Drowsey and Willie. Hmmmm...... Interesting ;O)

  15. There's a years worth of work in that cartoon for Freudians.

  16. I will do my best to attempt a doodle tonight! For a second I entertained the idea that the alien tentacle belonged to RoboMum!

  17. @Bee, they are not quite out yet, but there is this still time! lol :)

    @Mark, apparently so ;)

    @scratchbags, there is some method to the madness, you just have to look closely for clues :)

    @Drowsey, he is obviously trying to ******** me :)

    @Drowsey, its not a bow :) so many questions, so little answers :)

    @Da old man, exactly! :)

    @Olga, Drowseys comments crack me up every time, I wish I could see her face as looks at these doodles :)
    Drowsey was meant to just be the spaceship but somehow she is now alien too and loving it. I hope we find out who is behind this madness!

    @Daddy P, Why are you looking for Willy?

    @Haley, look who is next to drowsey, :)
    My modesty may be lost by the end of Doodle Week......

    @Babs, exactly what I was thinking, I know Drowsey loves Willy but this, its shocking!

    @del catto, I have noooooooooooooo idea what you mean ;)

    @Redbeard, That would be cool, but for the rest of your comment ---------> Go and stand in the corner of WRONG!

  18. Oh the suspense is killing me! Not to mention that tentacaly alien thing...really Claire...I think this is gonna take BOTH of your hands!!!

  19. Looks like Olga needs another arm! hehehehehe
    Great Outerspace doodle!
    Your FL furiends,

  20. Hi Claire! Picnik is what we use for all our doodles so far! How do you make yours?

  21. Thanks Claire, too bad Max isn't here to enjoy this, even though he's probably too lazy to contribute a doodle.

    *daring Max to doodle*

  22. omg, I can not stop laughing.

  23. Is Olga saying I have small brains! ?!?

    Well, considering I usually need lots of explanations, I guess maybe...


  24. Psychoanalysis anyone? Maybe you ought to consider turning this in for one of your classes. Your profs would have a field day!

  25. Dear oh dear - you do have some scary fantasies...

  26. I hope that Olga is okay because she is supposed to be visiting me sometime soon. Protect her and keep her well. BTW I love the doodles, very funny stuff.

  27. My... what a drippy tentacle your alien has....

  28. Hey there, this has nothing to do with your post (Which I love by the way), but... would you be able to come up with a Doodle for our Mystery Facts for Max?

    I need to come up with a post, and I want help :)

  29. Hmmm... so your sezwho ratings show up in this style of comments, but not in the pop-up comments like I have...
    And yet they also show up under your post.
    Still trying to figure out all this sezwho stuff, while you're running around topless with aliens...