14 Jul 2008

Doodle Bug!

Doodle Bug

If you didn't notice, that's Olga and something is about to happen to her!
See here The Moths!


  1. I see you're drawing on personal experiences here from a few weeks ago; pestered by moths while alone and in your lingerie. Yodelling apparently.

  2. Ouch.

    That is the sexiest doodle I have ever laid eyes upon. What's that cute pink thingy on her bra ?

  3. hey red, i see your underwear! ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  4. That mosquito looks especially nasty! Whap it!!

  5. Oh ..... that's what you're meant to do ......

  6. Very, very cool............

  7. This drawing is pants-- er, rather includes pants. :) I am amused about the level of time that seems to have gone into drawing a lace bra. :) That's our crazy Claire!

  8. wow, what a great drawing Claire :) Have a great Monday!

  9. You could have at least started the week off with some friendly bugs!

  10. Great doodle 'Free Willie' springs to mind ;O)

  11. I have NEVER looked better! :)
    And you look pretty hot yourself, Ms. Claire...

  12. Is being knackered the same as being pantsed?

  13. You've got the first scary, yet cute doodle I've seen so far.

  14. I'm sorry Claire I'll have to give doodle week a miss this time as I'm off on holiday very early Thursday and I have 101 things to do besides scheduling my usual 55 and wordzzle posts.

    You'll let me off won't you?

  15. Mine's doodle that is. I don't have anything else to be up. And, I see that you have a nice breast cancer awareness pin on Olga. :) Love your doodles Claire. They are NOT pants. LOL

  16. Aha, although I didn't draw it explicitly, I see I had the same idea as I had:) Great doodle, more like a work of art!

  17. That is a scary bug. Quality doodling. I didn't even know it was doodle week lol.

  18. Is that the stripper from .45's logo?

  19. You sexy bitch, you!

    Don't bring any bugs with you in September though. :)

  20. Well I got up the first doodle. Only six more to go. I like your doodle bug and Doodle Claire.

  21. Buggy! Damn, Olga is looking good! You're a very talented doodler.

  22. deer claire,
    thank u fer vizitin mi blog.
    i am enjoyin yer doodle. it'z verree creative. i espeshullee like yer pink ribbon!
    luv--yer frend--jh

  23. Arrrrghhh...this post is buggin' me out!

  24. I done gone done a doodle too!

    Hooray! Let's all get our pencils out!

  25. God you post command is so sexy lol! Great doodling to ya! :D

  26. Creepy - between the bugs and the Willies...

  27. Very cool! Love the doodle (and your "new" template - I feel guilty b/c I don't know when you installed it. It's been such a long time since I've been here. Promise to be a better blog buddie now that the little one is born...)

  28. @Mark, your analysis was correct apart from the yodelling.

    @Alex, you should see the next one :) Its a breast cancer awareness pin.

    @bee, your going to see a lot more, lol!

    @Willthink4wine, It was nasty and it will get whapped :)

    @Daddy P, I had faith you would get it eventually :)

    @Odat, cheers :)

    @Jenn, its Olga! I had to spend some time on her :)

    @tegdirb92, awww thanks :)

    @Monique, but they are not usually friendly and these bugs are being influenced by dark dark forces!

    @Babs (Beetle), its the wrong willy that may of gotten free though!

    @Olga, the Traveling Bra, you doodle rather well :)

    @Da Old Man, Knackered is a lot different :)

    @Tina Kubala, Heh! I like that, scary and cute, excellent :)

    @Akelamalu, I will let you off just this once! :)

    @Carol, Thank you for clarifying your upness! lol :)

    @A., Heh, I am sorry I haven't been over to yours yet I will later on for definite :)

    @Sogeshirtsguy, thanks soggy and you owe me doodles! I haven't forgotten :(

    @Mimi Lenox, You didn't know about doodle week? shame on ya! :)

    @Regretful Morning, what are you trying to imply! Doodle Claire has different coloured hair :)

    @Mags, why thank you and I will try to be clean :)

    @Jamie, loved your doodle post combined with Chris's doodle :)

    @Drowsey Monkey, aww thanks, you are in the next one :)

    @jh an Mickey Mantle, I am glad you have joined in and I am loving your doodles :)

    @crazy working mom, doodle something then :)

    @Jamie, hah! great link, but it was a coincidence, a funny one :)

    @Fanton, you done did a good doodle indeed, you always have your pencils out :)

    @Roger, I think that was a compliment :)

    @Stine, Hey its not creepy, is it?

    @Sanni, its only been here a couple of weeks and you have a great excuse :)

    @Caroline Jaine, cheers me dears :)

  29. so cool Claire
    I am so busy at the minute I haven't even had time to doodle in the office... what is the world coming to???? ;-)

  30. Oh my goodness, what are those moths up to? Olga better watch out! You are a very good doodler Claire!
    Your FL furiends,

  31. I love it that Willy and Evil Willy made cameos here!