6 Jul 2008

Olga hits the docks

Yesterday I got to meet my very first bloggers in the flesh! (they were not naked).
Up till then I could only count as Olga as my first blogger meeting, but she is of cloth and not flesh.I actually got two for the price of one, the lovely 70s Teen and the equally handsome Bill Blunt. I have Olga to thank for this blog meet, as its down to her that we met up.
The destination
Albert Dock, Liverpool, United Kingdom.
This was hurriedly decided the night before via email with 70's.Why here? Olga's blog mistress's daughter has expressed an interest in the Beatles so I thought it would be nice to go to their home city. Its also a great place to visit and easy for us all to get to.
How did we recognise each other?
As we have never met before and don't post many photographs of ourselves, how does one spot each other? I had decided against wearing Olga in public and it was too hot to wear my hiking hat (my most recognisable feature,lol). So I suggested a suitable gormless/confused expression whilst looking around anxiously should do the trick. Strangely enough that worked, with the aid of text messages and similar confused expressions.
The Super Lamb Banana
Wondering what on earth Olga is draped over in several of the photos?
Its mini replicas of The Super Lamb Banana, but what the heck is The Super Lamb Banana? Its an ironic statement on the dangers of genetic engineering, remember Dolly the sheep? There are apparently 125 of the mini wee beasts scattered across Liverpool, so we didn't get them all on this trip. A possible future challenge maybe. Each one is decorated in a unique way by artists, community groups etc and this site has a link to the map to find them all. For information about the Super Lamb Banana *Click Here*. It was chocker block at the docks but we only got a few bemused looks whilst stretching Olga across the various statues.
Coffee break
After getting a few shots of the photographic kind, we decided it was time for a coffee and chat. Strangely enough we managed to communicate without the aid of a computer, twas amazing! I jest, it really was a good chat and proves the point that we bloggers are just as sociable in the real world as we are in the cyber world. It is a bit weird knowing so much about each other, even though we have never met or spoke before, but that feeling soon goes. I will definitely be meeting up again and it has made me look forward to my trip to America even more. 70's is my favourite blogger that I have ever met, I mean after Olga of course.
Time to go
After coffee's there was just time to get a few more shots of Olga. She especially liked the Sergeant Pepper style mini Super Lamb Banana. On the way back to the car park, some people were handing out lollipops, so we persuaded/made one of the girls to wear Olga. She was happy/reluctant to do it and looks fairly bemused/scared.
Funny moment of the day
He probably doesn't want me to mention this, but ah well. Billy tripped over a blind man and his dog, its okay no one was hurt! He didn't actually fall on his arse, just a stumble.
It was a very funny end to the meet up though.
May pop back.
This year Liverpool is celebrating being the Capital of Culture for 2008, so I think Olga and I may head back. There is so much more to see and so many statues for us to adorn!
Later on, back at my place,
Cloning is scary business, in fact it has effected Willy in a most disturbing way.
I didn't even see Willy touch one of those super lamb banana things, but when I got home and looked in my bag. This is what I found:
Behold Evil Willy!
Now I have two Willy's and Olga to contend with.
Could this get any stranger?


  1. Double-D thanks for exposing me to Liverpool!It was wonderful seeing 70's again and meeting Billy...and I think I really enhanced the Super Lamb Banana don't you?...maybe they'll erect a statue of me someday? Hey, stranger things HAVE happened! (To me anyway....) :)

    Evil Willy has a very large.....nose!

  2. Simply superb :-)
    A great description of our afternoon together and it was such a delight to hook up with you, Olga Bill and Willy. Michelle was truly amazed to see her friend again.
    Liverpool was just the perfect venue and as you say the European City of Culture this year.... I always love an excuse to come home to my city:-)

    [I am still giggling at the blind man and his dog incident and that poor girls expression lol ... priceless :-)]

  3. Although I enjoy meeting people from cyberspace, I abhor the wandering aimlessly around streets or in bars, approaching total strangers, trying to find someone I've never met. From now on I swear to be more specific (i.e.; "I'll meet you just outside the front door of 'The Red Rhino,'" or some such.

  4. That sounds so exciting.. and how fun to meet "the traveling bra" for your very first blog meet.

    I can't wait for you to get over here to the US :)

  5. You can't go by looks alone - I reckon Willy is the evil one and Evil Willy isn't ......

    You are very brave to meet up with Bill and 70's - I wouldn't dare ........

    [there are so many bad jokes I could make about the 'incident' - my tongue is bleeding from the biting ...... ow]

  6. Trust me to find the only Guide Dog in Merseyside who needs his own guide dog to help him get around!

  7. Wait a second.. are you trying to say that there is TWO willys?!?! Oh will the madness never end.. lmao.

    That's great that the meet up all went well, I was wondering why you had only met a bra.

  8. Yay for meeting other bloggers!

    Can't wait to see Evil Willy's adventures -- even though they can't be much weirder than the lamb-banana!

  9. @Olga, Liverpool was great, so great I am taking you back there and we are going to see more Super Lamb Bananas. Maybe Evil Willy tells a lot of lies?

    @70steens, It was simply delightful to hook up with you too :) and yep I am still laughing at the stumble too!

    @Lana, How many have you met up with? The Red Rhino sounds like a great place to meet up :) It wasn't too bad for me, as Liverpool is like home territory. God knows what I will be like in America! :)

    @Monique, it was bizarre/surreal/exciting all rolled into one fun ball. I am really excited about US trip. Where abouts are you?

    @Daddy Papersurfer, You hate Willy don't you, I know it. 70's and Bill were great fun, we are plotting to meet up with you. So you should be scared! haha. Don't bite your tongue here, feel free to say what you like, I encourage it.

    @Bill, blaming the dog, shame on you :)

    @Chica, Yep there are now two willies! You know I don't have the photoshop skills to create that. Olga wasn't enough for you?

  10. @Mo, it was definitely a YAY moment :)

    I have no idea what Evil Willy is going to get up to!

  11. Hi Red. Hope all is well. :)

  12. Wow, what fun! :)

  13. That is so cool that you all got to meet! Sounds fantastic.

    Leave it to olga's blog mistress to notice the size of willey's nose! LOL

    Oh my, I know I'm about to share too much here, but Olga is living a fantasy of mine ... 'nuf said ;)


  15. I keep telling my other half I'll take her up to Liverpool some time to show her around the old university haunts. Seeing those pics has reminded me to think about potentially giving it some more consideration at some point maybe.

  16. @Sandee, Yes all is well, apart from loads to do as usual :)

    @Crazy Working Mom, I wonder what I can do next with Olga?

    @Drowsey, It really was cool, they were really nice and talk about a fun first meeting :)

    Yes the Blog mistress is the real problem I think!

    Olga is living a fantasy of yours? You mean visiting me don't you? or do you mean *************** !!!!!!!

    @Roger, no need to shout! lol :)

    @Mark, It would be cool if you visited, we could meet up for a pint :)

  17. I think Drowsey has a secret fantasy to wrap herself around a Super Lamb Banana! Or something like that.

    And yes, my Blog-Mistress is most definitely a problem! Better watch out!!!!!

  18. Wow! it's 12 a.m. here in India, and I am just not able to get over with all the fun that you have had. I have read Olga's and 70s blog twice and now yours -lol. Why does Mr. Willy's nose look so swelled up? Did Olga do something? It was a sweet post and I am totally enjoying with you guys.:)

    Good Night

  19. What a nice visit you had. Great pics, too. Don't get the part about the 2 Willies, though. I will read it again tomorrow. Guessing gift. :) Also guessing you don't need 2 willies. But what do I really know. So good it is to be symbolically close to my idol Olga. 'bye.

  20. Hey Max...I think you're pretty cool too! ;)

  21. Wow...very cool! I wish I could meet some of my blogging buddies, like you.

    BTW, I know I haven't been visiting (and commenting that much) but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new look! It's fabulous!!

    Hope you and Olga are having fun...and not getting into too much trouble. Well, okay. A little trouble is fine.

  22. Those 2 willies are gazing at each other with lust in their eyes.


  23. @Olga, I think Olga fulfilled that fantasy more than once! I am always watching out, lol.

    @scratchbags, Thanks for hopping over and commenting. Evil Willy is the one with the larger nose, I think he lies a lot and that's why it is so big. Glad you are enjoying the adventures of Olga and Willy :)

    @Relax Max, Evil Willy is a clone, didn't you read the post? Is one ever enough?

    @Olga, no flirting! jeez.

    @Random Chick, You are on my list too, maybe one day :)

    I haven't been visiting or commenting much either, it must be catching. Glad you like the new look, I love it.

    Trouble and Olga go hand in hand :)

    @Kelly. I am not sure its lust, but I think you might be right! :)